Hello Google Drive + Slack!

Creately integrations for Google Drive and Slack

We are super thrilled to announce that Creately now integrates with Google Drive/GSuite and Slack. We launched the new version of Creately a few months ago this July. Since then, we’ve been shipping major improvements to Creately continuously.

Here are some highlights from what we’ve been working on,

  • Folder sharing and management
  • Folder and document switching from within the document editor
  • A super-fast search for Shapes and Libraries
  • Comment threads and pin-pointed comments
  • PDF export
  • Multiple new shape libraries
  • Multiple bug and stability fixes

On top of all that, we are most excited about these initial integrations into Google Drive and Slack.

Google Drive integration

Add Creately to Google Drive

This one is special. You can create Creately docs right from Google Drive. The best part is that ALL of your changes are periodically synced back to Google Drive. However, when you open a document to edit, it’s synced back to Creately and already comes with all good things like Creately’s real-time collaboration, etc. to work seamlessly.

The integration runs so deep that even collaboration changes you do from within Creately uses Google Drive’s own sharing settings dialog.


Add Creately to Slack

Slack is a game-changer for teamwork. However, try discussing a complex idea (anything) via chat and it quickly descends to chaos. In such situations, Visuals can make everything better.

So when you are in a discussion, now pasting a Creately link will provide an immediate preview of the content inside Slack. Others can zoom in to get the full picture and then click on to make edits and add comments or suggestions.

When changes occur in the document the preview also changes (there is a bit of a delay in this as Slack cache’s its images up to a few hours).

What happens in the background when you paste a link to Slack? Creately verifies your identity with Slack, checks if you have access to the document and generates a unique code so your document can be securely viewed via that code inside Slack. (coming soon: we’ll allow you to centrally revoke those embed tokens as well).

Other integration and what’s next

These integrations are based on our new API platform which should enable us to roll-out even more integrations and deeper connections to the Apps you love. If you have ideas, please suggest them at https://feedback.creately.com

Time to level up your teamwork! Go ahead and add these on to bring on your A-game!

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    Thanks for sharing this is a very good idea for new managing files and work online.

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