Creately Diagramming Challenge: Win Cash Prices, Creately Desktops and More


With millions of diagrams the Creately diagramming community has become the go to resource for many when it comes to diagramming inspiration. This wouldn’t be possible without our users creating awesome diagrams day in and day out. Web designers, students, network engineers, marketers and many other professionals have contributed to make the diagramming community a resounding success. Now’s the time to get rewarded… Read More

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Creately Update: Google OAuth 2.0 Compatibility


This update is important to our OpenID users who use Google OpenID to connect with Creately.¬†Google APIs have changed to use OAuth 2.0 for both authentication and authorization. Creately uses Google OpenID for sign-in and sign-up for those that choose it to connect to Google Apps. Before this update,¬†Creately was using an earlier version of Google OAuth and needed to update to use… Read More

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Fishbone Diagram Templates ( Cause and Effect / Ishikawa )


Fishbone (aka Ishikawa) diagrams are analyze processes. They are a great way to visualize causes and their effects. Fishbone diagrams are used in many industries but primarily they’re used in manufacturing, sales and marketing. Below are some fishbone diagram templates from our diagramming community. You can download them or modify them online using our diagramming tool. Just click on the images and we’ll… Read More

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