The Future of Diagramming is Here

Beautiful diagrams made easy

Beautiful. Bold. Intelligent. That’s how we like our diagrams. The idea is to take all that complex data and lay it out in a way that not only makes sense, but is also pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy: all too often we find ourselves looking at ugly, haphazardly designed diagrams that took far too long to put together. Creately’s… Read More

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15 Tools to Launch Your Startup + Bonus Tips

15 tools to launch your startup

You might have an awesome idea, but to convert that idea to an actual product or service that rake in millions is a completely different story. Few years ago this was a tedious process and not something for the faint of heart. But now with plenty of apps and services available at very affordable prices any motivated person can quickly launch a start-up. Listed below… Read More

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Why People Miss Deadlines and How to Avoid Missing Them


As a wise man once said “I love deadlines, I particularly like the sound they make as they go flying by”. Sounds funny right? But its a profound statement with serious implications. Go through any project plan that last a considerable duration and you’re likely to find overdue tasks with red dates and red bars. Usually these red dates are for overdue tasks and… Read More

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Achieving User Experience in Website Builders

Factors that contribute to improving user experience

You might have a stunning looking website, but if the user experience is poor then you end up with an unhappy visitor. And you have a very slim chance of turning an unhappy visitor into an customer or an subscriber. With a professionally developed website costing thousands of dollars some businesses, especially small businesses are choosing to use website builders to build their websites…. Read More

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New Creately UI Experience for Confluence and JIRA Users

The new face of Creately

We have some very exciting news for our Confluence and JIRA users. We’ve done a major upgrade to the drawing canvas and the object libraries so you can create better looking diagrams in less time. The Confluence diagramming plugin release support Confluence 5.7 and upwards and JIRA diagramming plugin release support JIRA 6.3 and upwards. Keep reading to learn about how the new changes will improve… Read More

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