Introducing Creately Reviewer for Better Visual Collaboration

Easy sharing with external parties via Creately reviewer

Creately is a diagramming tool that is made for Collaboration. By their very nature, diagrams are a unique way of communicating and collaborating on concepts that are better conveyed as visuals. If Creately is to support this fact, its drawing process has to be natural and collaboration should happen seamlessly. That’s why we have real-time collaboration that works; easy sharing links as well… Read More

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How to Use Cross Functional Flowcharts for Planning

An example of a cross functional flowchart

What are cross functional flowcharts Flowcharts are widely popular and one of the most frequently diagram types. they are great for mapping the flow of steps, decisions that need to be made etc in a process. However flowcharts have just more than the process names, their flow and type of action embedded. Things like owners, stages, timelines need addition of more data to… Read More

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What is Cybersquatting and What You Can do to Prevent It


There is nothing more natural and at the same time more annoying than the notion of bandwagon. As soon as something becomes “the thing” everyone wants a piece of it and this can often be quite problematic. And the latest trend everyone’s trying to cash in on is Cybersquatting. For those of you who don’t know, Cybersquatting is the practice of registering brand names… Read More

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Visual Problem Solving with Mind Maps and Flowcharts

Mind map for visual problem solving

Everyone has problems, and we spend most of our working lives solving problems. For those who find this quite negative problems can be also termed as Issues, Challenges or Opportunities. Some people are especially gifted as problem solving while others struggle. Some are really good at some types of problems but not everything. Yet some people are just great at working on any… Read More

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10 Helpful Tips to Achieve Work Life Balance

Elements need to achieve work life balance

Jacob was only 35 when he was diagnosed with acute depression. He was promoted a year back and was leading a team of developers. His career was on the rise. He had more reasons to cheer at home – he had a lovely wife and two beautiful kids. Things had never been better! Life took an ugly turn when Jacob started doing longer… Read More

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