How to Learn from Your Competitors as an Entrepreneur

Use a SWOT to compare yourself and learn from your competitors

It has been my observation that businesses can be classified into three broad types. The first and the most exciting of these is the type of business that brings to market a very unique and revolutionary product that nobody had dreamed of before and establishes a completely new market segment. Names that jump to mind are Google, Apple & Facebook. The second category is… Read More

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Create Data Flow Diagrams Easily with Creately

Level 1 DFD - RMS Calculator

When you are building a system with multiple components understanding the data flow across various parts of the system and multiple levels becomes essential. Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) are a well established methodology to do this analysis. They are also a great way to model processes that involve data flow. At Creately we recently took a fresher look at the DFD shapes and… Read More

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The new Creately in a Nutshell


Over the last few months we’ve put in a huge amount of work into Creately. While some of these things are highly visible like our updated interface, most of the work we might have gone unnoticed. And that’s exactly what we want. Hold up! We *Like* our work going unnoticed on Creately? Yes. Many of the enhancements we’ve made are to the core… Read More

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A Little Known Fact, Creately Supports 7 Languages

Creately in Chinese

Creately is used by people in over 130 countries. While we primarily operate in English and we may appear that we cater to only English language speakers, that cannot be further from the truth! Creately natively supports 7 languages and it has supported it for a few years in fact. Creately is built on the principle so that it works and adapts to… Read More

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4 Tips for Conducting Effective Online Meetings


Online meetings are a necessity nowadays as a plethora of companies have expanded their presence across the globe and offer flexible work-from-home and freelance positions. With teams spread out, online meetings are needed to ensure tasks that require collaboration like brainstorming mind maps, conferences, training, etc., can still carry on in a cost-effective manner. It’s crucial that online meetings are run as effectively… Read More

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