Mapping Out Your IT Infrastructure: Why you should be aware of potential chokepoints and inefficiencies

Distributed IT infrastructure diagram

IT infrastructure is continuously evolving. While businesses traditionally went for on-premises infrastructures that involved having servers, storage and other facilities in-house, enterprises today enjoy a wider variety of options, which all have their own pros and cons. Modern enterprise IT will include a mix of distributed infrastructure, virtualization, and on-premises setups, among others. One clear trend today: commoditized infrastructure is enabling better access… Read More

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Org Chart with Pictures to Easily Visualize Your Organization

Organizational chart with pictures

When it comes to visualizing team structure, hierarchy or the reporting relationships nothing comes close to an organizational chart. It enables employees to find the right person to talk to and at a higher level helps to bottlenecks and growth needs of a company. An org chart with pictures takes it to another level by adding more personal touch to it. After all its much… Read More

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4 Tips to Build Your Brand to the Next Level

4 tips to build your brand

Building a brand can feel like going back to middle school. You want to be popular and you want people to like you. But at the same time the harder you try to connect with others, the more they shy away. So how do you transform your business into the popular kid in school without looking desperate? Create a brand “personality” Successful business… Read More

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Effective Social Media Management for Startups and Small Businesses

Using a mind map for social media management

Social media has opened up a huge avenue for startups and small businesses to reach their target audiences. It’s not that large companies can’t reach them via social media. But they already have the budget and means to reach them via traditional advertising methods. So in essence social media has leveled the playing field to a certain extent. But most startup and small… Read More

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The Future of Diagramming is Here

Beautiful diagrams made easy

Beautiful. Bold. Intelligent. That’s how we like our diagrams. The idea is to take all that complex data and lay it out in a way that not only makes sense, but is also pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy: all too often we find ourselves looking at ugly, haphazardly designed diagrams that took far too long to put together. Creately’s… Read More

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