Visio Alternative Online for Professional Diagramming

Online Visio Alternative

With powerful tools to simplify diagramming

Compared to Visio, Creately offers a much simpler and a more affordable way to draw diagrams.

  • Productivity features for 3 times faster diagrams
  • 1000's of templates to get started instantly
  • Real-time collaboration to work with teams
  • Tools to easily import your existing Visio files
Try Creately for diagramming

How Creately Compares with Visio

Feature Creately Visio
Diagram Symbols 1000+ 400+
Diagram Templates 1000+ 70+
Pricing 5$/Mon
Runs On Windows
Web Browsers
Real-Time Collaboration Online
Need to buy
MS SharePoint
Revision History/ Revert to Previous Y N
Automatic Object Creation Y N
Shared Projects as Libraries Y N
Free Upgrades Y N
Integrated Google Image Search Y N
Icon Finder Y N


Why Creately is More than a SaaS Visio

If you’re looking for a Visio alternative then Creately is the perfect choice for you.

  • Low learning curve
  • Seamless integration
  • Painless upgrades (for free)
  • Automatic backups
  • Anywhere access
  • No infrastructure cost

Are just few of the benefits you'll get when you chose us or switch to us instead of Visio.

If you have ever used Visio you will know how hard it is to learn the basis functions, let alone master it. Plus you need to pay to upgrade to the latest version whenever a new version is released. Even a simple thing as backing up you need to do manually. All this is done for you with Creately.

Simpler and Faster Compared to Visio

Simplicity and automation, those are the two main reasons many love using us over Microsoft Visio.

Our contextual toolbar (top right image) helps you to create and connect the next object in a single click. With Visio you need to drag, drop and then manually connect them.

Move an object and the connector will automatically snap to the nearest glue point. This way you don't have to manually adjust the glue point whenever you move an object.

Our smart object automatically adjust to the context and some of our text based objects can be modified by simply double clicking and changing the text. Listed above are some unique features that will make diagramming that much easier. There are plenty more and you'll simply never find a diagramming tool that is easy to use as our tool.

Seamless Integration with Many Environments

The age of stand alone tool is over. The new age is all about collaboration and integration. Creately integrates seamlessly with many of your favorite environments. Our plugins are featured in

and we continue to partner with other companies to expand the number of integration's.

Real-Time Collaboration to Work As Teams

With Visio you have to pay and get Microsoft SharePoint to enable real-time collaboration. With Creately its built in and works like a charm.

What if your friends and peers are using a Mac OS or a Linux OS? Then you'll have an even harder time collaborating on your diagrams. Creately is web based so won't have such concerns. Each and every change is stored as a revision so you can go back and quickly revert changes as well. We take real-time collaboration to a whole new level.

Desktop Version for Offline Usage

We know there are times that offline drawing is the only option. You might not have access to the Internet or your company might have a policy against storing data in the cloud. Creately desktop was released for exactly those types of users.

Its a downloadable version of Creately which can be installed in Windows, Mac or Linux. You can optionally sync it with your online account, so anything you draw offline will be synced with your online account as soon as you connect to the Internet.

For organizations who love web based products but are hesitant to store their data on third parts servers we have Creately Server, a fully functional version of Creately which you can install in their own servers behind a firewall.

Drawing Flowcharts is 3 Times Faster Drawing Flowcharts is 3 Times Faster
Multiple exporting options Multiple exporting options
Work together with real-time collaboration Work together with real-time collaboration

What Others Say..

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Like so many web tools, it strips down the interface of desktop offerings like Visio and makes it easier for first-timers to get a grasp on things...

What the Chronicle has to say about Creately as a Visio alternative
If you have ever worked with Microsoft Visio (and paid for Visio in oh so many ways, either in cash or blood pressure points), you can expect the same sorts of things with Creately, but with the added benefits.

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windows,apple,linux web browsers
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