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Quickly create class diagrams, use case diagrams and many other UML diagram using our online UML software.

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UML Specific Features to Quickly Create UML Diagrams

If you're looking for a free online UML tool you've come to the right page. Our intuitive drag and drop interface, productivity features like 1 click create and connect combined with UML specific feature set makes us the perfect tool to create all sorts of UML diagrams.

Our smart objects and thinks for themselves and adjust according to the context. For example if you connect two class diagram objects the connector will automatically show a drop down of relevant relationships.

Our text to shapes feature helps you format objects easily and efficiently. Just double click on the object, change the relevant text box and you'll have the exact UML object you want with the relevant fields and functions. Drawing UML diagrams doesn't get any simpler than this.

Professionally Designed UML Diagram Templates

Drawing from scratch can be hard, time consuming and downright boring. Our professionally designed templates cover most of the common scenarios which you can quickly use to build up your own diagrams.

We've showcased some UML diagram templates above but there are hundreds more available in our diagramming community. They include class diagrams, use case diagrams, sequence diagrams and many other UML diagram types.

Keep in mind you don't have to go through the community to look for them. You can access them in one click from the drawing area. Simply click the "Templates" button in the top toolbar and you'll get a dialog to access these diagrams.

Extensive Shape Libraries for Different UML Types

We have separate libraries for different UML types making it easier to find the relevant objects. If you wan't multiple libraries available to you then simple click the "Load More Libraries" button and pick the ones you want.

When you're creating a new diagram you have the option to chose the type of the diagram. Once you do that we'll load all the relevant shape libraries for you. We've thought of even those simple things to make drawing easier for you.

Extremely handy when you're drawing a large complex diagram. There's a reason many feel we're the perfect UML tool online.

Draw UML Diagrams Online or Offline

Been and online tool has its advantages. You don't have to worry about installation, downloads or the underlying operating system. As long as you have a modern browser you're good to go. However that doesn't mean we've forgotten or ignored users who want to draw things offline.

Because of connectivity issues, corporate policies etc some users don't want to create and store their important data on the cloud. If you're one of those people then Creately desktop is perfect for you. Its a desktop version of Creately which you can install on Mac, Windows or Linux.


So if you're looking for a UML software for Mac, tired of using Visio on Windows or looking to create UML diagram on Linux then you have an award winning tool right at your fingertips.

Optionally you can sync your desktop version with your online account. You can draw UML diagrams offline and soon as you're connected to the Internet we will automatically sync those diagram with your online account. This way you'll have access to your diagram from anywhere in the world while still benefiting from offline drawing.

Drawing UML is 3 Times Faster Drawing UML is 3 Times Faster
Multiple exporting options Multiple exporting options
Work together with real-time collaboration Work together with real-time collaboration

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