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Easy to draw

1-click create

1-click create cuts down 5 actions in traditional diagram software to 1 click action. That is 5 times faster drawing! Add the next shape and the line connecting it, with a single click and drag.

Draw Diagrams twice as fast as you do now
Drag drop shapes for quickly insertion

Drag drop shapes

Search or browse from 100's of shapes to add to your diagram. Import your own SVG vector images, style them as you please. Search on IconFinder or Google for boundless possibilities for your diagrams.

Context toolbars
(shape, text and connector)

The right controls show up based on what you have selected. Different toolbars for shapes, connectors and multi-select.

Easy diagramming with contextual tool bars
Easy, preset connectors for fast linking

Easy, preset connectors

Connecting objects is one click, no need to hunt for a separate tool. Changing arrowheads is natural and quick. All placed conveniently near your mouse pointer.

Aligned, sized and grouped

Align and fix heights with the context toolbar. Grouping, intelligent ‘send to back / forward’ arranging all where they should be.

Align, sizing and grouped shapes
Themes and color palette with 5 times faster access

Themes and color palette

Beautiful preset color themes. Automatically figures out even your customized styles and provides shortcuts to apply similar styles to other shapes.

Customize every aspect of styles from lines to gradients.

Smart Shapes & Connectors

Shapes that think for themselves

Createy’s Smart objects know how to behave when you draw them out.

Expand a Gantt Charts timeline and it’ll add more dates for you. Expand a browser window in a mockup, it’ll expand the space in the center and not the controls. Type some numbers into a Pie Chart object in Info-graphics, it’ll do the math and draw it for you. 100’s of Smart shape take the weight off drawing diagrams.

Intelligent object knows how to behave when they are created
Text to Shape when writing trumps drawing

Text to Shape when writing trumps drawing

Sometimes it’s easier to type something than draw. Like a Tree shape in a UI Mockup or a Database table object. Creately’s Text to Shape feature gives you an easy syntax to convert text into polished visual representation of objects. A bullet list into a tree. A comma separated list to a table. Viola!

Smart shapes for UI Mockups, UML and more

Text to shape and properties powered Smart Objects are available for UML Diagrams, DB Diagrams, Gantt Charts, Info-graphics, UI Mockups and more.

Each Smart shape has been carefully designed to match its drawing context and to enable changing the key visual features intuitively in a few clicks.

Smart shapes for UI Mockups, UML and more
Connector types that match connected objects

Connector types that match connected objects

Connectors figure out what kind of lines and styles match the linked objects and present an easy drop down to choose from. Easily change the arrow heads, line style, dashed style in one click.

Creately tries to understand your diagram and provides smart suggestions as you go.

Collaborate with anyone

Real-time Collaboration, wherever you are

Invite anyone with an email address to collaborate on your diagram. See others changes to the diagram in real time with Creately Online or Desktop. The perfect shared canvas or whiteboard.

Real-time Collaboration  anytime, anywhere
Effective inline commenting for effective collaboration

Inline comments and discussion threads

Sometimes you simply need to point to something and say ‘this needs change’. Creately understands this. Select shapes or groups of shapes and comment on them. Each selection having their own independent discussion thread.

Full revision history of all changes

Every new save you make in diagrams are preserved as separate versions available to open and go back to any time. Explain changes easily in comments and notify others when you update the documents when saving diagrams.

Keep up with full revision history of all changes
Secure sharing diagram links and emails

Secure sharing links and emails

Share with anyone with a simple email or use our secure View only or Edit enabled links to send over email, IM or to embed in your intranet for quick access to Creately diagrams.

Publish or embed privately with the Interactive viewer

Embed living diagrams that are always up-to-date with the latest changes. Zoom in; navigate across diagrams using the contextual links. Great for adding diagrams to your wiki pages, collaboration platform or your intranet.

Risk free publishing or embed privately

Easily Import Existing Visio Files

Import your existing Visio files into Creately and improve and collaborate on them inside Creately. Createlys Visio import goes beyond diagrams and even imports Stencil and Template files giving you full access to all your legacy content as you move up with Creately.

PDF Export with working links

Exported PDF files preserve the original diagram links for detailed and data rich PDF documents.

PDF Export with working links
Export as Editable SVG and Edit from your favorite imaging software

Editable SVG Exports. Works

Export Creately diagrams as SVG documents that can be styled and modified using Vector editors like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or even in to Microsoft Visio..

Editable SVG files are fully fledged Creately documents that can be viewed in any web browser as well as be imported back into Creately to edit easily. One file format, infinitely accessible!

Thousands of templates and examples

  • Over 40 types of diagrams with specialized shape sets.
  • 100’s of specially designed templates for each type
  • 100,000+ diagram examples powered by our ever growing community

Online, Desktop or Server

  • Work online or offline
  • Diagrams Anywhere synchronization
  • Real time collaboration on Desktop or Online
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