Online Wireframe Software and UI Mockup Tool

Wire-Frames and Mock-Ups

to create awesome website mock-ups.

Quickly design website wire-frames and mock-ups using web based easy to use mock-up tool.

  • Drag and drop interface for quick wire-frames
  • Extensive set of objects to create exact mock-ups
  • Share and collaborate in real-time with clients and team
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Create Web Mockups Faster Using Extensive Library Objects

Wireframes and mockups are the initial design of any great system. Draw blueprints with Creately wireframes and mockups software. Start little and build your way up to your dream system. Create any wireframe or mockup easily without a hassle. Use our drag and drop interface for quick wire-frames and mock up designs. Import pictures and shapes directly from Google image search and enhance your wireframe models. Our shapes library provides everything you need to draw your wireframes and mockups with. In addition to the templates users have access to a large set of wire-frame and UI mockup objects in our diagram archives. Creately is not just another designing tool. It’s a wire-framing tool and online UI designer combined into one neat package.

Online Mock-Up with Internal Linking and Easy Styling

Creately diagram viewer enables you to link to other objects so you can easily create a website mock-up with click-able links and buttons etc. Also the easy to use styling options make it very easy to convert your wire-frame to a colorful UI design. Although we have online mockup tools we do provide a downloadable desktop which works on Windows, Linux and Mac so you can create your wire-frames and mock-ups offline.

UI Mockups and Wireframes Made Easy Through Templates

Creately offers 1000’s of UI mockup and wireframe templates for you to get started. From simple designs to higher level designs are available to suite your needs. Shown above are some wire-frame and user interface mock-ups available at Creately. The templates include wire-frames, website mock-ups and even iPad and iPhone application mock-up templates. We have included many tutorials if you want to learn how to create professional wireframes and mockups so you can start right away.

Easy Sharing and Real-Time Collaboration with Diagrams

Sharing your diagrams has never been easier with Creately diagram software where you do not have to worry about your privacy. Creately offers outstanding flexibility in sharing your diagrams and we keep them safe online, to make sure that you will never lose your diagrams. Draw wireframes and UI mockups together with your team mates and colleagues online with Creately real-time collaboration and save your time by contributing. Start drawing your UI mockup or wireframes with Creately now!

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windows,apple,linux web browsers
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