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Diagram Usage

Checklist Templates | What is a Checklist

Easily create a checklist for your project with Creately. Pre-made downloadable checklist templates and to-do lists to get a quick head start.

STP Model | STP Model Template

Simplify the process of segmenting your target market with the STP model. Templates for popular marketing models and marketing campaign planning.

OGSM Model | OGSM Template

Translate your organizational vision into actionable strategies with the OGSM model. Pre-design templates to collaborate on strategic planning with your team.

Turtle Diagram | Turtle Diagram Template

Review, understand and audit processes in your organization with the help of turtle diagrams. Pre-made turtle diagram templates to get a headstart.

AIDA Model | What is the AIDA Model

Plan around your marketing strategy with Creately’s visual workspace for team collaboration. Pre-made templates for the AIDA model to get a head-start.

Business Roadmap | Business Roadmap Template

Business roadmap templates to collaborate seamlessly around growth initiatives with stakeholders and teams. Download in multiple formats for publishing and sharing.

Five Product Levels Model | Philip Kotler

Understand the needs and wants of your customers and come up with innovative product development ideas with Philip Kotler’s five product levels model.

Porter’s Diamond Model | Porter’s Diamond Theory

Analyze the competitive rivalry in the market place using the Porter’s Diamond Model. Interactive online templates to collaborate with your team and export in PDF, PNG, or SVG formats.

RATER Model | RATER Model of Service Quality

Analyze and measure customer expectations and experience with the RATER model. Interactive online templates to get a headstart on collaborating with your team and stakeholders.

The 4 Ps of Marketing | 4 Ps of Marketing Examples

Learn how to properly apply the 4 Ps of marketing to promote your product or service to your customers. Get free PPT marketing mix templates and examples.

The 5 W’s | 5 W’s Charts and Examples

5 W’s charts, graphic organizers and worksheets for gathering information. Download your five w’s templates as PNGs, SVGs, PDFs, etc. for publishing, sharing and presenting.

Weisbord’s Six Box Model | Organizational Development Models

Analyze and understand the performance of your organization using the Weisboard’s Six box model. Interactive online templates that you can use for presentations, documentation, and collaboration.

Idea Board Online | Idea Board Template

Online idea board to collaborate on generating new ideas with your team in real-time. Pre-made templates to get a head start.

Hedgehog Concept | Hedgehog Concept Template

Collaborate with stakeholders to identify the one thing your organization is good at with the hedgehog concept by Jim Collins. Visual hedgehog concept diagram templates to start right away.

Keller’s Brand Equity Model | Brand Pyramid

Learn how to build a strong brand with Keller’s brand equity model. Editable templates and examples to help you as you collaborate with your team on building brand equity.

Lesson Plan Templates | Lesson Planning Tool

Lesson plan templates to help you define your lesson objectives and plan your lessons. Multiple editable lesson plan templates to choose from.

Meeting Planning Templates | Meeting Organizer

Meeting planning templates to organize effective meetings in your company. Many meeting planning templates including meeting schedule templates and meeting agenda templates.

Value Chain Model | Value Chain Templates

Create value chain models to create value for your customers and optimize your value creation process. Multiple professional value chain model templates to get started with.

ADL Matrix | ADL Matrix Template

Collaborate with your team on analyzing the competitive position of your business and develop effective business strategies with editable ADL matrix templates. Download them as PDF, SVG or PNG for printing and publishing.

Team Charter | Team Charter Template

Quickly illustrate the direction and objectives of your team with editable team charter templates. Collaborate in real-time with your team and download your team charters as PDFs, SVGs, PNGs and more for publishing and sharing.