Diagram Usage

Impact Mapping Template | Draw Impact Mapps

Visualize effective impact maps with Creately’s Impact Mapping Template. Collaborate in real-time with live-video conferencing, outline your business goal and create a path to achieve them.

SDLC V Model | V Model Template

Develop a framework to test your software as you develop it with the V-Model template. Visualize the various stages of the development life-cycle and design a process that works for you.

Waterfall Project Management Template | Waterfall Project Management

Use this template to better organise and plan your waterfall project management. These visual templates help you plan better processes and execute tasks.

Prioritization Matrix Template| Prioritization Matrix Canvas

Create and organize a prioritization matrix with easy-to-use templates. Organize tasks and allocate resources accordingly.

Project Kickoff Meeting Template | Project Kickoff Meeting

Conduct productive project kickoff meetings with Creately’s visual workspaces. Infinite canvas, real-time collaboration, custom-built templates, and in-app video conferencing.

Design Thinking Canvas | Design Thinking Canvas Template

Implement the design thinking framework in a structured way with the design thinking canvas. Use the template as an overview to navigate the different elements in a design process and create a systemic technique to collect inputs from a project.

Activity System Map | Activity System Map Template

Analyze your company’s competitive advantage with activity system maps. Premade templates, real-time collaboration capabilities and an infinite visual workspace for effective strategic planning.

Kano Model | Kano Model Framework

Collaborate with your product teams to create a Kano model that helps prioritize what features need to be added to your product roadmap.

Heart Framework Template | Heart Framework

Get a more in-depth understanding of successful UX design with the HEART framework. Use editable templates to measure the effectiveness of your user experience and make changes accordingly.

Lean Coffee Framework | Lean Coffee Template

Collaborate with your team online and run a Lean Coffee meeting where team members decide what they would like to discuss and decide on a collaborative action plan accordingly.

Value Net Model | Value Net Analysis

Identify the key players in your industry and make well-informed strategic decisions using the value net model. Premade templates, real-time collaboration capabilities and an infinite canvas for strategic planning.

3 Horizons Model | 3 Horizons of Growth

Visualize your current business needs while allowing for growth and expansion in the future. Use the 3 horizons model to strategically think about business opportunities.

RICE Framework Template | RICE Prioritisation

Visualize all the tasks you need to complete and assign a score to them using the RICE framework. The scores help you determine how to prioritize your work based on how important each task is.

Cynefin Framework Template | Online Cynefin Framework

Visualize complex problems with Cynefin Framework templates and make better, more informed decisions.

App Development Canvas | App Development Template

Create a plan to execute your app development process with the app development canvas. Prioritize efforts amongst your team and keep track of progress as you go.

Lean UX Canvas | Lean UX Process

Lean UX canvas to help your build user-centric products quickly. Multiple lean UX canvas templates that you can collaborate on with your team in real-time.