The Visual Guide to Training New Employees
Visual Guide to Training new employees

In order to make sure that your new employees perform to the expected level, you need to give them proper training – from day one onward. Onboarding new employees is not always easy, as it requires you to help them… Read More

The Easy Guide to UML Deployment Diagrams
Deployment diagram guide

Deployment diagrams are used to visualize the hardware processors/ nodes/ devices of a system, the links of communication between them and the placement of software files on that hardware. In this UML deployment diagram tutorial, we will cover what is… Read More

The Easy Guide to Decision Mapping
The Easy Guide to Decision Mapping

If you’re constantly faced with the dilemma of solving complicated problems in your personal or professional life, you can reap many benefits from the technique of decision mapping. These can be likened to detailed mind maps, which address every aspect… Read More