Venn Diagrams vs Euler Diagrams

Venn diagrams and Euler diagrams looks very similar so it is understandable that many people find it confusing to understand the difference. Although both the diagram types rely on the set theory there are some subtle differences that makes the unique. Hopefully this article will clear your doubts about Venn diagrams vs Euler diagrams and I will provide few examples to make it more clearer.

Venn vs Euler: The Definition

As I mentioned before both set of diagrams are based on the set theory. A Venn diagram show all possible logical relationships between a collection of sets. But an Euler diagram only shows relationships that exist in real world.

Venn Diagrams vs Euler Diagrams Examples

Lets start with a very simple example. Lets consider Animals super set with mammals and birds as sub sets. A Venn diagram shows an intersection between the two sets even though that possibility doesn’t exist in the real world. Euler diagram on the other hand doesn’t show an intersection.

A simple example showing the difference between Venn diagrams vs Euler diagrams

A Venn diagrams shows all possible combination even if they don’t exist in the real world scenario

Now lets take a look at a bit more complicated example involving a pack of cards. Again it is important to keep in mind the difference between the two diagram types, all possible combinations vs real world combinations. Lets take cards as the super set and black cards, red cards and diamonds as the sub sets.

Venn diagrams vs Euler diagrams example using the card deck

How the same data is represented in a different way using Venn diagrams and Euler diagrams

As the above example shows, a Venn diagrams shows four intersections that doesn’t have any data because it should show all possible combinations.

There are various methods to convert Venn diagrams to Euler diagrams and vice versa. Check out this great wiki article about Euler diagrams which explains some methods you can use to convert Venn diagrams to Euler diagrams. I hope the above examples helped you clear your doubts about Venn diagrams vs Euler diagrams. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section.

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  1. Hello sir having a doubt pls explain it for me….stmt:some A are B,All B are C….CON:All A being C is the possibility……..

  2. I’m still confused, but I will try hard to learn. Thanks bro, have provided information and a little bit about this picture

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