Impact Mapping

Achieve Impactful Outcomes

Create a seamless and structured approach for business initiatives facilitating effective planning and prioritization. Identify the business goals and the resource availability to execute them while visualizing ideas and action items.

  • Industry-specific templates to map goals, actors, impacts, and deliverables
  • Real-time collaboration to enable seamless strategic decision making
  • Data-driven shapes that intelligently shift according to the frames
Impact Mapping
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Brainstorm Ideas to Achieve Business Goals

Brainstorm Ideas to Achieve Business Goals

Brainstorm Ideas to Achieve Business Goals

Multiple frameworks and templates to coherently capture your business goals and your ideas to achieve them.

Simple to use drag-drop tools and Plus Create to document and add graphical representations to your impact map.

Infinite canvas to quickly connect and investigate a wide range of initiatives.

Freehand drawing and highlights to build rough outlines of processes during planning and brainstorming sessions.


Feel like You Are in the Same Room

Feel like You Are in the Same Room

Video conferencing and whiteboarding to work closely with the teams in real-time.

Version history to save, track the changes, and revert back to a previous version of your impact mapping.

Comment with context, have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas. Async!

Embed the impact map in any site or intranet or share with anyone via an email or link invite to collaborate on.

Feel like You Are in the Same Room
Take Your Strategy to the Next Level

Take Your Strategy to the Next Level

Take Your Strategy to the Next Level

Export business impact maps as SVGs, PNGs, PDFs, or JPEGs for offline documentation and distribution.

Multiple access and role levels to streamline sharing, reviewing, and editing your impact maps.

Bring necessary data from any source to maintain information in one place and refer to the linked sources that have an impact on the business.

Connect to your favorite tools with Creately plugins for Github, Slack, Google Workspace, Confluence, and more.

In-built project management tools to manage ownership, tasks, and revisions.



Visualize process and user insights with AI templates

Visualize process and user insights with AI templates

Accessing Creately VIZ

    What Is an Impact Map?

    The impact map is used in strategy planning. Structures like a mind map, it visualizes the scope of a business initiative and underlying assumptions.

    How to Create an Impact Map?

    • Gather your team and stakeholders to define and describe your business goals. Make sure that your goals adhere to the SMART criteria.
    • Identify your customers, their needs, challenges, problems etc. and create user personas. Creating separate personas will help you find the right deliverables.
    • Figure out the actions you want your customers to take if you are to achieve the goal you identified earlier. Describe how you want them to behave, and add these actions to the impact section.
    • Understand what you can do to enable your customers to take these actions. This could be adding new features to your product or service, introducing a new product or service etc.
    • Analyze the impact map you have made. With the information you have collected, you will be able to create relevant user story maps.
    • Using the Creately Viewer, you can embed the diagrams you have created in company wikis, websites or your intranet.