Human Resource Diagrams for Planning

Human Resource Planning

Creately provides visual templates to plan and facilitate human resource functions and processes easily and efficiently.

  • Collaborate with your team on planning HR processes and strategies
  • Identify inefficiencies in your processes and optimize them with effective solutions
  • Share diagrams with your employees to clarify and instruct them on their tasks
Human Resource Diagrams for Planning
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Think Together and Visually

Think Together and Visually

Think Together and Visually

Visually arranging shape data in grids, kanban boards, timelines and more will help the company to plan and utilize existing human resources.

Share workspaces, folders, and databases to your entire team easily. Work together with your teams while discussing, sharing ideas and receiving feedback.

Create custom databases with multiple types of data sets. You can identify which categories require more human resources and plan accordingly.

10,000+ professional shape library which can be used to plan separate human resource requirements based on each department.

Format and style text any way you like. Take advantage of the built-in professional tools for text management and styling.


Let the Creativity Flow

Let the Creativity Flow

The most flexible sharing model. Workspace, folder, team, and organizational level sharing settings will help you to get connected with both internal and external stakeholders.

Always in sync, even if you go offline and come back. You won’t miss a thing!

In-app video and audio calls to work with your team on the canvas sharing your plans within the canvas itself.

In-line commenting to help gather feedback by mentioning teammates with @comments.

Let the Creativity Flow
Go Beyond Sharing and Exporting

Go Beyond Sharing and Exporting

Go Beyond Sharing and Exporting

Integrates with popular platforms like Github, Slack, Google, Confluence, and more. Identify the most effective platforms which will help to utilize your human resources maximum.

High quality vector exports where you can get the SVG, PNG, JPEG, or PDF of your human resource utilization future plans.

Add-ons to embed the human resource diagram into Google and Microsoft documents, sheets, and presentations.

Shareable links to enable multiple participants to collaborate as Editors, Viewers, and Reviewers.

What Is Human Resource Planning?

Human resource planning refers to the process of planning how to increase and utilize the existing human resource capacity of the company to meet HR requirements of the future.

How to do Human Resource Planning in Creately?

  • Identify the key objectives of the organization. Then understand the human resource capacities needed to achieve them and align them to the goals.
  • Create an inventory of current human resources. Gather information on the employee skills, experiences etc. and see if they are enough to fulfill the future requirements of the company. You can use the Creately skill inventory template for that.
  • Determine the required cadre of employees along with the essential skill sets and qualifications, to fulfill current and future hiring requirements in line with the company’s strategic plan.
  • Once you have completed your forecast, determine whether you can meet the demand with the existing employees, or whether you will have to hire them, outsource the work or can manage to meet your goals by training the current employees and improving their skills.
  • Whether you are hiring new employees or training the existing ones, you need to create an action plan, starting with goals and the steps you should take to get there.
  • Once you have implemented the plan, monitor the progress continuously. Take changes that occur into consideration and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Invite others to review or edit the diagrams you have created with secure diagram share links. You can also download them as SVGs, PNGs, JPEGs, or PDFs to add to presentations, documents or websites.