Value Stream Mapping Templates to Immediately Discover Flows in Your Processes

Updated on: 30 November 2022 | 4 min read
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Since we have already covered the basics of VSM with our Value Stream Mapping Guide, we thought of making it easier for you to create value stream maps by introducing to you some helpful (professionally-designed) value stream mapping templates.

Value Stream Mapping Templates

These value stream mapping templates are created using the standard symbols available in the Creately value stream mapping tool library. If you find the VSM templates that suit your requirements, simply click it to open it in the Creately editor; you can edit it as you want from there and download it as a PDF or an image (PNG, JPEG etc.).

Production Control Value Stream Map

This VSM template can be used to visualize the flow of materials and information within a product’s production path from the supplier to the customer. Go ahead and click on the template to start editing it.

Current State Value Stream Map

This current state value stream map example is that of the Toyota model production system. A current state map that helps identify the bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the current system, serves as the foundation for the future state map. Click the template to edit it online.

Value Stream Map for Software Development Process

Developing a software? Make sure that the process contributes to the product’s value with the help of a value stream map like the one below. A VSM template like this is useful in increasing the value from the requirement specification to the actual product used by the customer. Click the image to start mapping right away.

Funnel Shaped Value Stream Model

This current state map is a funnel-shaped value stream model. This model is used when there are large incoming amounts of material and fast initial processing. Click to commit the necessary changes.

Value Stream Map for Supply Chain Management

This is one of the value stream mapping templates that you can use to visualize supply chain management process. Click to download or edit online.

Pyramid Shaped Value Stream Map

Pyramid shaped value stream maps are the opposite of funnel-shaped model, that is, it’s used when the incoming of materials or orders is slow and outputs are large. Click to open it in the Creately editor.

Value Stream Map for Data Management

This is a value stream map that illustrates a simplified data management system. You can directly download it or edit it according to your system’s requirements, simply click the template.

Future State Value Stream Map

The following value stream mapping template is an example of a future state map. A future state map represents the ideal state of the system. This can be realized with the current state map that helps you identify the wasteful elements of the existing system that need to be eliminated.

Pipe Shaped Value Stream Map

This is a pipe-shaped value stream map. Since this type of value stream maps already has the required shape, they are considered on their way to becoming lean. Click the template to edit it per your requirements.

Get More Value Stream Mapping Templates

Need more free value stream mapping templates? Check out our value stream mapping examples which you can use as customizable templates. Creately also offers unique real-time collaboration features help eliminate any issue that may occur when working with cross-functional team on a value stream map; wherever the team members are, they can work on the same map at the same time while sharing comments and suggestions seamlessly.

More Diagramming Templates

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