Strategic Analysis Tools

Research & Examine Business Environments

Use Creately’s professional templates for strategic analysis to develop your strategies easily. Identify and assess information relevant to your organizational strategy.

  • Real-time audio and video conferencing to connect with multiple participants
  • Map out the organization’s current position and plan for future growth
  • Visualize your strategic planning process and collaborate with stakeholders
Strategic Analysis Tools
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Visualize & Analyze the Operating Environment

Visualize & Analyze the Operating Environment

Visualize & Analyze the Operating Environment

Multiple templates and frameworks for strategic analysis, position analysis, workforce improvement, and more.

Infinite visual canvas to conceptualize and visualize the environment without restraints.

Bring data from any source to visualize on the canvas as meaningful data shapes for easier analysis and decision-making.

Import data from multiple sources like documents, websites, and many more. Add them to the shapes using shape data customizing the data fields.


Identify the Well-performing & Need-improvement Areas

Identify the Well-performing & Need-improvement Areas

Generate multi-perspectives with models; convert your flowcharts into Kanban boards, timelines, or roadmaps.

Easy drawing and diagramming tools to analyze internal and external environments.

Multiple app integrations to help you import and export data across teams on a different platform.

Identify the Well-performing & Need-improvement Areas
Centralize All Your Analysis

Centralize All Your Analysis

Centralize All Your Analysis

Advanced folder structure to centralize information and keep research reports organized.

Universal search across workspaces for quick access and easy referencing.

Embedded documents and assets with in-app previews for quicker understanding.

Export your diagram as high-quality images or PDFs to include in PowerPoint presentations and Word docs.


Work Seamlessly Together

Work Seamlessly Together

Real-time collaboration to work with teams on a shared canvas, discuss and analyze the data together, and make informed decisions.

Comment with context, have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas. Async!

Video conferencing baked into the platform to feel like you are in the same room.

Work Seamlessly Together

What Is a Strategic Analysis Tool?

Strategic analysis tool helps to research and examine the business environment within a company and how it operates. It’s an integral part of strategic planning as it helps identify the organizational areas that are performing well and need improvement.

How to do a Strategic Analysis?

  • Start with an environmental scan analyzing internal and external factors that may affect the operation and growth of your organization.
  • A SWOT analysis can help assess the strengths and weaknesses within the organization and opportunities and threats outside the organization. You can also do a PESTLE analysis to examine the external factors.
  • Invite a team made of departmental heads, stakeholders, process owners etc. to provide their input for the analysis via Creately real-time collaboration features.
  • Identify the strategies currently in place and examine their effectiveness in achieving your goals. Also check whether they align with your mission and vision.
  • If the strategies are failing to meet their goals, come up with and consider alternative strategies where you should make changes to business processes, capital structure etc.
  • Evaluate the alternative strategies you came up with and identify the most profitable and viable strategy.
  • Once you have selected the strategy that you will implement, create an action plan, allocate resources, budget and time, and assign tasks to relevant team members.
  • Once the strategies are implemented, monitor them constantly to assess how successful they are. Note down underperforming areas and make necessary changes.