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Flowchart Software for Mac
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Easy to use flowchart maker for mac to quickly draw high quality flowcharts for presentations and business purposes.

Creately mobile: All your diagrams right at your fingertips

Professionally designed flowchart templates

Real time collaboration to work smoothly with teams

Export flowcharts as images, PDF files or SVG files

Flowchart Templates

Flowchart Template

Flowchart Templates

Logistic management System Flowchart

Logistic management System Flowchart

Flowchart Template with Multiple Ends

Flowchart Template with Multiple Ends

Unique Features to Create Flowcharts Faster

Why Drawing Flowcharts is 3 Times Faster with Creately Flowchart Software Mac

Drawing a beautiful, presentable flowchart doesn’t have to take a lot of time or a lot of effort.

In fact, Creately lets you draw your flowchart 3 times faster compared to traditional software that takes triple the effort.

With Creately’s one-click create feature, you can drag, drop and connect flowchart shapes with a single click. It’s simply faster and easier.

This gets even better! Integrated image search in Creately lets you search millions of images right within the app and directly use them on the flowchart you are drawing.

And Creately’s professional color palette based on themes will help you get your flowcharts presentation-ready in no time!


Many Exporting and Display Options

Our Flowchart Software Is Consisted With Many Presentation and Exporting Options

Export your diagrams as SVG, JPEG, PNG or PDF (printer friendly) files. With SVG and PDF you can export your flowcharts as more data rich diagrams with live links. You can even export it as a Creately file (CDML) to store as a backup.

Displaying large diagrams on websites, blogs, wiki pages etc. is easier with the Creately Player. It is a handy widget to display diagrams of any size, and you can embed it anywhere with a simple embed code.

The Creately Player comes with zooming tools, sharing options and a link menu to view any link on your flowchart.

The Player automatically syncs with the original diagram. Whenever you make a change to the original diagram, the Player will reflect it, always giving viewers updated information.


Real-Time Collaboration to Work Together on Flowcharts

Draw Flowcharts Together with Real-Time Collaboration

Using real-time collaboration you can work together with your colleagues and clients and see the changes made by each other instantly. All the revisions are preserved so you can easily revert back to your preferred version in case of an error.

This reduces the countless hours spent on email exchanges discussing the flowchart. Everything is transparent and makes it very easy to make decisions. This will take your productivity to a whole new level.

Draw professional flowcharts in a snap!

Professionally Designed Flowchart Templates

Having trouble getting started? Stuck for ideas? We got you covered. Our flowchart templates for Mac cover most of the common scenarios and are designed for maximum visual impact. Stop worrying about color combinations, typography and arrow direction. Just modify the template and get your job done faster.

As you can see from the templates above, we have a flowchart for almost every situation. From simple flowcharts covering small processes to complex flowcharts that include swim lanes, we have something for everyone! And everyday hundreds more are added to our diagram community by dedicated users.

Low/No Learning Curve

If you’ve created flowcharts on Mac OS X using free open source tools like Dia (or Visio on Windows) you’ll know that they have a steep learning curve. But with our intuitive, user friendly interface, you can start drawing immediately. Just spend 2-3 minutes watching the video and you can start creating flowcharts like a pro.

We don’t stop there though. We constantly publish informative blog posts, resource articles to educate our users. In fact our tutorials are world renowned for their comprehensiveness. Check our flowchart tutorials and mini site dedicated to drawing flowcharts and feel the difference for yourself.

Best Flowchart Software for Mac + Free Accounts

Without a doubt Creately is one of the best flowchart software available for Mac OS X. You can draw all 4 types of flowchart diagrams (Document Flowchart, Data Flowchart, System Flowchart, Program Flowchart) using our tool. Plus you have the ability to draw many other diagram types as well. Why use a separate tool for flowcharts, mind maps and UML when you can draw them all using Creately?

If you’re hesitant about paying money upfront, create a free account on Creately where you can create up to 5 diagrams. Draw one and you’ll see what we are talking about. And if your company has policies against storing data in the cloud, we have a desktop version that works on Mac or a server version which you can deploy behind your own firewall.