New UI and Many More Improvements

We are thrilled to announce a major update to the Createy UI that we have been developing for almost a year.

Why? We wanted to give you more focus on the canvas, keep the interface out of the way and make it easier to access the common tools much faster. You should feel right at home with our new ‘Creately Blue’ look that is better organized, easier to use, and feels a lot more consistent across the platform.

One major change is removing the side panels on the left. These left-side panels are now absorbed into the main menu. Now, you can completely close the panels on the main menu as well as create or switch between multiple folders and workspaces with just one click. This saves a ton of your time and provides more space in the canvas to focus on your core tasks; brainstorm, plan, and execute.


Easier Access to All Shapes and Stickers

We have updated the Plus button for hassle-free access to shapes, stickers, templates, frames, and images. In addition, you can instantly search for assets in Creately’s libraries or Google.


Spotlight for Collaboration

The coolest new feature: Spotlight enables real-time collaboration without having to share your screen. Invite collaborators to follow you as you present the canvas for a seamless and streamlined experience. Click on anyone’s avatar in the header to follow them or on your avatar to spotlight yourself.

Improved Quick Tools

We have made quick tools more accessible by adding a new toolbar next to the Plus button. Now, they’re operational with a single click, making it easier than ever to add items to your canvas.


Keyboard-Driven Plus Create

Now, you can draw on the canvas as fast as you can type. Press Enter (or shift+enter) to add an item in the same level or Tab to search through any shape. The smart menu also picks the most likely next shape automatically.


Better Organized Side Panels

We have moved the left sidebar under the main menu on the left-top corner of the app, which is fully collapsible and easily accessible so you have more canvas space to perform your tasks.


Switch Between Workspaces Easily

You can now easily see all your workspaces and folders in the left panel, which lets you quickly navigate between workspaces as you work in Creately. When you expand the panel, you also see the notifications for each folder as you browse.

New Project Management Shapes

Creating a Kanban has never been easier. Now, you can access Kanban board and Tasks directly from the Shape Library. The pre-made Tasks are a huge time saver as they contain default data fields, which you can customize easily.

Note: These cards are saved in the Project Management Database in the same folder. You can access these cards in any workspace in the same folder, and put them in multiple Kanban boards, Timelines, or Grids. It’s great for planning cross-functional teamwork or having multiple viewpoints on projects.

A big flex for anyone running a project is assigning multiple roles for each Task. Easy linking on the notes panel makes adding roles really easy!


Assign Tasks Easier

We made it easier to assign tasks to others. Our project management shapes come with roles already defined to which you can add as many roles as you want by entering / in the notes section. When assigned tasks show up in the MyTasks section for the assignee. The Notes section has been enhanced with a newly-added data field: Role, along with other data fields such as Estimate, Date, etc. You can now create tasks by customizing the notes section, making note-taking a breeze.


Please note that the Navigation panel and Dashboard are no longer available. We recommend using the Folder panel on the main menu to organize and structure your workspaces using folders. Instead of Dashboard, you can use the Folder panel to access recently-viewed workspaces as well.

This was a major update for Creately and sets the foundation for some great stuff starting to come out in the next few weeks! Stay tuned!