Introducing Archived Folders, Plus Create Shortcuts, and More


New In: Archived Folder Section

We introduced an Archived Folder section to the Folder panel that makes workspace organization and management even more streamlined and efficient. Archive Folder is where you organize and store workspaces that you no longer actively work on, but want to keep as a reference for potential future use. Instead of cluttering your folder panel with projects that are completed or on hold, you can now simply archive them to this dedicated section.

Now you can easily declutter your workspace with the Archived Folder section!

Tooltips for Plus Create Shortcuts

We have added a Tooltip Tour to guide you through the newly added keyboard-enabled Plus Create and Duplication functionalities. Now, when you are in the flow of diagramming, simply press the Tab key to open the Plus Create menu options and the Enter+Shift keys for shape duplication.

Application Speed and UX Improvements

Caching support for shapes and thumbnails: Sometimes it is the little things that count. We load 1000’s of shapes in the app and now these are bundled and cached in the browser. So you will see a more responsive Shapes panel and Plus Create toolbars.

Background of Images and Assets: Sometimes when large assets like images on the canvas load, there were noticeable lags. We have moved these processes to the background so it no longer blocks you from working on the canvas. It’s now a LOT faster and smoother.

Notes Panel Improvements: Notes Panel is now easier to use. You can add text to your Notes Panel with a simple double click making it faster and easier to jot down your thoughts and ideas.

New In: Weekly Template Releases 🚀