Project Scope Statement Template

Manage Project Scope and Improve Clarity

Custom-built templates for project scope statements, project charters, schedules, timelines, and more to help you brainstorm, plan, execute, and analyze your projects.

  • Ideate and analyze all your projects on an infinite canvas
  • Estimate work better by clearly defining your project scope
  • Export your work in multiple formats to present or include in reports
Project Scope Statement Template
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Manage Timelines and Budgets

Manage Timelines and Budgets

Manage Timelines and Budgets

Bring data from multiple sources to get a better understanding of project scope.

Infinite canvas to brainstorm and visualize all your project requirements.

Multiple professional templates to map the project requirements , identify key deliverables, list constraints, and more.

Simple to use drag and drop tools to quickly visualize a project scope statement.


Create a Shared Understanding

Create a Shared Understanding

Built-in video conferencing and whiteboarding to collaborate with the project team on the canvas to define project scope.

Real-time cursors for any number of participants to ideate and brainstorm on a shared canvas.

Integrate into most popular platforms like Slack, Google, Github, Confluence, and more. Connect to multiple project management tools with 2-way data syncs.

Export in multiple formats to share the project scope with all key stakeholders.

Create a Shared Understanding
Organize Project Deliverables and Adapt

Organize Project Deliverables and Adapt

Organize Project Deliverables and Adapt

User management to effectively manage access permissions on documents for different levels of organizational users.

Sharing controls to easily manage participants and allow access to project scope to create a centralized document.

Multi-perspective modeling enables flexible adoption of project deliverables.

Data arrange to visually structure the project requirements in grids and timelines for easy understanding.

Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
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    What Is a Project Scope Statement?

    A project scope statement describes the work that needs to be done to deliver the project outputs on time and within the budget. The project scope statement document outlines what is being delivered (within scope), what is not being delivered (out of scope), assumptions to clarify the deliverables, and high-level requirements. It’s utilized as the basis for making project decisions, directing project effort, and to provide clarity on the project scope to project teams and stakeholders.

    How to Write a Project Scope Statement with Creately?

    • Start by creating a basic outline of the project. Collect the requirements of stakeholders, and create a work breakdown structure based on their needs.

    • Open a Creately project scope statement template and share it with your team to collaborate as you brainstorm around it.

    • With an idea of what needs to be done, you can then start to write your project scope statement which should address the following areas;

      1. Justification: a brief statement explaining the need for your project and how the project will help fulfill it.
      2. Scope description: describe what falls within the scope of the project and what is out of scope. This helps establish project boundaries.
      3. Business objectives: outline the targets your business wants to cover with this project.
      4. Project deliverables: define the deliverables your team needs to work on producing to meet the set objectives.
      5. Project exclusions: clearly outline what the project doesn’t include or will not produce.
      6. Constraints: identify factors that may impose limitations in terms of risks, resources, schedule, method, etc. that could affect the progress of your project.
      7. Assumptions: what are the certain events that are expected to occur during the course of the project?

    • Once the document is completed, you can export it as an SVG, PNG, or PDF so you can embed it in documents, reports, presentations, or share with the rest of the stakeholders.