OGSM Model Template

Convert Visions into Strategies

Create an OGSM (Objective, Goals, Strategies, and Measures) model and collaborate on Creately to set goals and implement strategies to achieve long-term corporate goals.

  • Professional templates to get you started on strategic planning, goal setting, and evaluating progress
  • Embed, share, and export the OGSM model you create
  • Real-time collaboration to connect with multiple stakeholders
OGSM Model Template
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Brainstorm Ideas in One Place

Brainstorm Ideas in One Place

Brainstorm Ideas in One Place

Multiple frameworks and templates to cohesively capture your business goals and your ideas to achieve them.

Over 50 types of diagrams with specialized shape and icon libraries to visualize any type of data.

Configurable color themes and advanced text formatting to quickly customize a variety of scenarios in the OGSM model you create.

Powerful and versatile table with precision control and advanced customizability to easily insert and revise data.


Create Well-structured OGSM Models

Create Well-structured OGSM Models

Infinite canvas that can scale upto 100s of objects easily. So, you can connect and investigate a wide range of initiatives in a single view.

Bring your data from external sources to analyze and visualize data in an OGSM model.

Link to external documents, spreadsheets, and other sources and open them within the canvas for detailed information.

Create Well-structured OGSM Models
Use Collaborative Growth Strategies

Use Collaborative Growth Strategies

Use Collaborative Growth Strategies

In-app video conferencing to enable collaboration among the team members.

Comment with context, have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas. Async!

Multi-user collaboration helps to work between multiple users with simultaneous editing and automatic conflict resolution.

Full-version history to save and revert back to an iteration to streamline reviewing and revising going forward.


Fast Track Your Growth Strategies

Fast Track Your Growth Strategies

Bring clarity to your data with reference notes and other key details to each context-based shape with additional data fields and custom properties.

Frames and containers to split canvas to boards to organize content to create and conduct interactive presentations and reports.

Universal, full-text search to easily find specific information on a particular process.

SVG, PNG, JPEG, and PDF export for easy sharing and embedding in reports and presentations.

Fast Track Your Growth Strategies
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Accessing Creately VIZ

    What Is an OGSM Model?

    OGSM stands for Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures. It is a strategic planning model used to turn a company’s vision into an actionable business and marketing strategy. With this tool, companies can understand what they want to achieve and how to get there. It does this by helping you identify your goals, breaking them down into measurable goals, defining strategies for achieving them, and suggesting measures to track progress.

    How to Use the OGSM Model with Creately?

    • Select a Creately OGSM template and share with your team to get started. Focus on clearly defining goals, objectives, strategies, and actions.
    • Objective: The leaders of the organization must clearly determine what is the overall objective of the new strategy and how the strategy contributes to the ultimate objective of the organization. It is important that the objective of the strategy is specific to the organization. In addition, when formulating the objective of the strategy, consideration should also be given to the steps that can be taken to achieve the objectives. Example: Create an engaging customer experience that drives repeat sales.
    • Goals: In this phase, the goal can be broken down into smaller, more achievable goals. More specifically, they should be goals whose progress can be easily monitored and recorded. The lens should be large enough that it can be broken down into several smaller lenses. When setting these goals, it is important to think beyond sales figures and bottom line, and consider innovative product developments, streamlined processes, etc. Example: Update the website to include useful content that will improve the customer experience.
    • Strategies: It is crucial to create an action plan to achieve the goals set in the previous phase. This process takes into account the amount and type of resources available, the project schedule, and marketing and production techniques. This step of the process takes a lot of time because it is important to have very clear and detailed steps in order to progress towards the overall goal. For example: Use articles to get customers to learn about new technologies, including our products.
    • Measures: In order to track progress toward long-term goals, it is important to measure and compare the current state of progress toward goal achievement with the timeline developed. How progress is measured will determine how the process will change over time. For example: write six new articles this quarter to post on our website and promote through social media.
    • Once finalized, export the diagram in various formats including CSV, SVG, PDF, PNG, and many more.