Lesson Learned Template

Documents the Lessons Learned from Projects

Create lesson learned reports in an infinite and interactive platform for any scale of projects. Our easy-to-use and collaborative application helps the project managers, peers easily onboard and use it for their day-to-day reporting and process management.

  • Easy to use templates for lesson learned reports
  • Real-time collaboration with team members for synchronous editing
  • Share and export in multiple formats like SVG, PNG, JPEG, and PDF
Lesson Learned Template
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Easily Visualize Your Project Learnings

Easily Visualize Your Project Learnings

Easily Visualize Your Project Learnings

Multiple templates for anyone to easily onboard and add Project learnings, comments, feedback from the project without any supervision.

Powerful documentation capabilities that allow you to centralized information through the shape-data panel and different data fields.

Simple to use drag and drop tools to quickly move learnings/points throughout the canvas.

Guides and grids to precisely position the learnings/points on a timeline of a project.


Centralize All Your Findings

Centralize All Your Findings

Infinite canvas that scales up to 1000s of items in a single view to add lessons from large-scale and parallelly-connected projects.

Full-version history to track the daily lessons added to the report. Copy a version to a new workspace and modify from there onwards.

Advanced folder structure to organize information, control viewing rights, and streamline the project management processes.

Import videos, photos, documents, screenshots, or anything onto the canvas as references used to rectify the issues in the project.

Two-way integrations that allow you to connect with your favorite apps like Slack, Google, Github, and more; so everything is synced without having you to manually change anything on Creately or the app.

Centralize All Your Findings
Share Your Key Findings With the Team

Share Your Key Findings With the Team

Share Your Key Findings With the Team

Audio and Video conferencing baked into the platform to smoothly run project management planning with the analyzing findings.

Real-time cursors for any number of participants. Collaborate with teammates on a shared canvas. Async!

Comment with context, engage and gain buy-in from project stakeholders recommendations in the planning process.

Multiple access levels and roles to streamline managing, sharing, editing, and reviewing your lessons learned report.

What Is a Lesson Learned Template?

A lesson learned report can be used to document all the key challenges, risks, uncertainties, and blockers you have come across during a project along with the timely solutions you have implemented. Lesson learned reports are designed to guide you as you work toward achieving the desired outcomes, so it helps you and others who will work on a similar project in future to avoid the hardships and easily achieve the expected outcome.

How to create a Lesson Learned Report?

  • The first step of a lesson learned session is to identify and gather comments and recommendations from the project stakeholders.
  • The facilitator of the session should review the key project documents and prepare a list of questions to guide the discussion. The basis of the discussion should focus on what failed and what succeeded.
  • The next step is to document the findings. Using a Creately lesson learned template, you can collaborate with others; even those who are joining remotely/online on adding and categorizing the lessons learned.
  • Once the report is completed, distribute it among the participants with an editing-enabled document link, where they can share their response right within the document by adding comments.
  • Analyze and organize the report as the team determines what can be done with the lessons learned. This step helps identify the required project management process improvements and training needs as recommendations for the recognized issues.
  • The next step is to store the report for easy retrieval in a repository. It can be downloaded (as a SVG, PNG, JPEG, or PDF) and shared, published, and stored with other project documents. Or if you are using Google Drive or Confluence, use the Creately plugins to manage the process easily from right within these apps.