Environmental Scanning Techniques

Visual Tools to Identify Opportunities and Reduce Threats

Use Creately’s visual canvas to analyze macro and micro environmental influences on an organization and assess the threats they pose.

  • Visually arrange data for better analyzing and comprehension
  • Develop a bird’s-eye view of the business landscape
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders and develop a shared understanding
Environmental Scanning Techniques
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Conduct a Comprehensive Multivariate Environmental Analysis

Conduct a Comprehensive Multivariate Environmental Analysis

Conduct a Comprehensive Multivariate Environmental Analysis

Integrate information from multiple sources for better planning of interdependent components of organizational growth.

Multiple frameworks to conduct in-depth environmental analysis. Strategy maps, PESTLE analysis, Ansoff Matrix, SWOT and more.

Advanced linking to add docs, references and data to the canvas and to make informative-rich decisions.

Over 50 types of diagrams with specialized shape and icon libraries to visualize any type of data.


Assess Company Environment Collaboratively

Assess Company Environment Collaboratively

Multi-user collaboration with asynchronous editing and automatic conflict resolution.

Comment with context, have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas. Async!

Video conference from the platform itself; feel like you are in the same room.

Multiple access levels and roles to streamline managing, sharing, editing, and reviewing your ideas, plans, and strategies.

Assess Company Environment Collaboratively
Analyze Company Weaknesses and Opportunities

Analyze Company Weaknesses and Opportunities

Analyze Company Weaknesses and Opportunities

Bring data as CSV or Excel files or spreadsheets from any source to visualize them in tables, grids, timelines, tree charts and more.

Create custom databases with multiple types of data sets to give meaning to data.

Utilizing the whiteboard capability, you can compare and contrast all the threats faced by the business.

Simple to use drag and drop tools to quickly visualize workflows.

What Is Environmental Scanning?

Environmental scanning is the process of carefully examining the internal and external environments of an organization to detect threats and opportunities that may affect the future of the organization.

How to Perform an Environmental Scanning with Creately?

  • Identify who should be involved in the environmental scanning process. Create a competent team of employees and assign them relevant responsibilities.
  • Start scanning the relevant areas, using environmental scanning techniques like SWOT analysis, PESTLE analysis, interviews, surveys, focus groups, market research etc.
  • Weed out the unnecessary information and organize the relevant findings. You can make use of an affinity diagram to quickly categorize the data.
  • You can invite anyone including remote team members to contribute to your diagrams using the Creately’s real-time collaboration features.
  • Together with your team, analyze the data you have gathered and organized. Pay attention to the information that can have a direct impact on decision-making and strategic planning. Also identify specific trends.
  • Once you have identified the trends, you can prioritize which ones to first act upon with the help of team heads and process owners.
  • Invite stakeholders and other departmental heads to review your PESTLE or SWOT analysis with a secure diagram share link. They can add comments on diagram elements to share their opinions.
  • Create an action plan to apply changes and measure the results. Continue to scan your environment and keep an eye out for new trends that could occur.