Reshape your processes and structures

Building better organizations starts when fresh ideas merge with a clear undrstanding of the current state. Choose from a diverse set of visual tools and diagram types to analyze and plan for your organization.

Reshape your processes and structures

Visualize your organizational structure

Create professional and visual organizational charts, understand relationships, performance and future needs.

Skills inventory by department

Org chart with images

Airline Organizational Structure Chart

Finance Department Organizational Chart

Matrix Org Chart Template

Org Chart for New Employees

Stakeholder Hierarchy

Project Management Organizational Structures

Map and analyze processes or systems

Use multiple types of visuals to derive diverse perspectives on the current state of the organization. Get everyone to understand easily and contribute to help map the future.

Process flowchart

Stakeholder analysis

Recruitment process flowchart

Process Map for Operations Manual

Change Management Process Steps - Current Plan

Meeting Flowchart Template

High Level Project Plan Template

Star Interview Method

LEAN and agile

Adopting or practicing new methodologies made easier for larger teams. Specially designed shape and template sets and seamless collaboration features enable smooth workflows.

SIPOC diagram

Swimlane process map

5 Whys Example

5S dashboard

Agile Board

Goal Setting Worksheet

Meeting Notes Example

6 thinking hats