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Create visually pleasing ER diagrams online with amazing ease. Drag and drop interface and auto connectors to make drawing ER diagrams fast and productive.

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ER Diagram Templates

Shopping Mall Management System

Shopping Mall Management System

New E-R Diagram for Hospital Management System

ER Diagram for Hospital Management System

Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management System

ER Diagram Software with a Difference

ER Diagram Software with a Difference

Creately is an award winning diagram software that is renowned for its ease of use. Drawing is just a matter of dragging and dropping, and our smart objects semi automate the process of adding relationships and connecting objects. And if you are feeling lazy, you can take advantage of our ER diagram examples. With Creately, drawing ER diagrams becomes simply easy. Just start drawing by clicking on the button above and you'll see the difference.

Productivity Features to Draw ER Diagrams Faster

Productivity Features for Fast ER Diagrams

Creately takes care of the drawing part allowing you to focus on the structure of your database. Our 1-click creation of automatic objects makes it very easy to add attributes, relationships etc. in the ER diagram. No need to draw lines to connect objects because they will be added automatically. And our real-time collaboration features make it very easy to work with your team. Multiple people can work online on the same diagram and modify it while seeing each other's changes instantly. This feature alone saves a lot of time spent on back and forth mail discussions. Given all these features, there's no question that Creately is the perfect software to draw your ER diagrams.

Share Your Diagrams with Teammates

Share Your Diagrams with Team Mates

You can draw complex ER diagrams online with the help of your colleagues or teammates. Creately ER diagrams software supports online collaboration that allows you to work together with your team in real-time. You can share your ER diagrams with just one click with only those who want to see them. Plus sharing your diagrams on social media is easier with Creately's easy sharing feature. And you don't have to worry about the privacy of your diagrams, for Creately's data protection technologies will completely take care of it. Start modeling your databases with Creately ER diagram software now!