Brainstorming and Planning for Remote Teams

Last Updated Apr 2022
Brainstorming and Planning for Remote Teams

Group brainstorming, even done on-site can be challenging enough. And if your entire team has just gone remote, the idea of a virtual brainstorming session might sound daunting.

Wondering where to begin? Refer to this comprehensive guide to learn how to plan and organize your online brainstorming session.

And here are some great tips to effectively generate ideas as if everyone’s standing in front of the same whiteboard.

Use an online whiteboard

Use an online whiteboard

Whiteboards are great facilitators of brainstorming, and when brainstorming online, a virtual canvas software like Creately, can make all the difference. Create a shared board where everyone in the team can edit and contribute to. You can start with a blank canvas where everyone can collaborate on typing in ideas and adding images in real-time or you can kick-start things with a premade template for mind maps, mood boards, idea boards, etc. You can do this alongside a video or audio call to make things more effective.

Send an introductory email

Send out an introductory email with all the necessary details

This email should include the goal/ purpose of and the agenda of the session, links to tools or resources you’ll be referring to during the activity, and guidelines. It can help everyone understand what to expect and prepare well ahead of time.

Clarify the guidelines

Clarify the guidelines for the brainstorming exercise before the session

Different brainstorming techniques have different guidelines. For example, to create an effective mind map, you should use single-worded keywords and images to make it pictorial. Explaining these rules beforehand and following them will help generate more effective results.

Different brainstorming methods

Use different brainstorming methods

There are many techniques you can use to carry out and simplify an online brainstorming session. Listed below are such techniques and templates that you can start using right away to churn out ideas with your team. Each tool is linked to a resource that explains how to effectively carry out the method.

Mind map Mind map

Six thinking hats Six thinking hats

Lotus diagram Lotus diagram


Mood board Mood board

Idea board Idea board

5 whys analysis 5 whys analysis

Lean UX Canvas Lean UX Canvas

Affinity diagram Affinity diagram