Articles about Wireframes and how to use wire-frames

The Different Phases of Website Designing

Considering the practicality of creating a website is important, but it is even important to consider answering some basic questions before that. For example - What are we aiming to achieve through...

Simple Project Planning with Wireframes

With a new product concept (in this case, Creately plugin for FogBugz), the usual temptation is to dig into development right away. Coding should only be considered after the plugin's behaviour was identified. And this was attempted at via detailed diagrams.

Templates should be just one word - Awesome

Now you can pick from over 75 templates where every single one is optimized so that you can customize it just the way you want. What makes a great template are a few simple things. For one, it should be a simple design, minus the bells and whistles, which makes it easy to work with.

A case for annotating wireframes

Clarity is the main goal of any wireframe or UI mockup. What you need to understand at this point in time is that when structuring a wireframe you need to ensure that you focus on the client requirements; ensure that the design is clear and uncomplicated and you concentrate on annotating the design.

Wireframing : The Perfect Choice

Choosing to work with wireframes is one of the first steps one should take before designing a website. For the layman, the topic of wireframes may relate to just web designers and software developers. However, the fact of the matter is that wireframes are actually used by a variety of disciplines.