Decision Tree Examples

Decision Making Made Quick and Easy

Visualize potential outcomes and decisions using Creately’s decision tree maker templates.

  • Real-time collaboration to ideate the potential options of a decision and its outcomes
  • Customizable templates to capture data in various formats
  • Infinite canvas that allows to scale up to 1000s of items in a single view
Decision Tree Examples
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Unlock Creativity with Seamless Visualization Capabilities

Unlock Creativity with Seamless Visualization Capabilities

Unlock Creativity with Seamless Visualization Capabilities

Multiple templates and frameworks for goal-setting, situation analysis, action planning, project planning, and more aligning with the set of decisions.

Connect shapes with dynamic connectors that stay connected and automatically arrange themselves as you make changes.

Easy to use drag-drop tools and Plus Create to easily add shapes and reposition them as you visualize your decision tree.

Unique color themes and styles to customize decisions and their outcomes as you visualize complex scenarios.


Bring Teams Together

Bring Teams Together

Real-time video conferencing and multi cursors to connect with multiple collaborators to discuss, make decisions, and track the changes that are being done.

Multiple access and role levels to streamline how you gather feedback for the decisions for a project.

Comment on anything with context. Teams can share their ideas, suggestions on decisions, which are beneficial,effective and reply to comment threads in real-time.

Full-version history to track the changes that are being done and roll back to any version as required. Make a copy of a previous iteration and develop that in a new folder with a new name.

Bring Teams Together
Put All Information Together and See the Big Picture

Put All Information Together and See the Big Picture

Put All Information Together and See the Big Picture

Infinite canvas that scales up to 1000s of items in a single view to create a central repository of resources, images, statistics, and research results.

Shape data to store information on the reasons, statistics, and potential outcomes. Customize the data fields as you enter various kinds of data such as text, string arrays, numeric values, and many more.

Insert documents and assets with in-app previews to provide more context to the scenario and help see the big picture


Share on Multiple Platforms

Share on Multiple Platforms

Connect to your favorite tools with Creately plugins for Github, Slack, Google Workspace, Confluence, and more.

Add-ons to easily embed in Google/Microsoft documents, slides, and sheets.

​​Embed your decision tree in any site or share with anyone via an email or link invite to collaborate on.

Export as PDF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, or PDF to publish, present, print, or share.

Share on Multiple Platforms

What Is a Decision Tree Template?

When you are faced with several courses of action, you can use decision trees to select the best option by analyzing the outcomes to identify which can benefit you the most.

How to Create a Decision Tree?

  • Identify the decision you want to make or the issue that you want to find a solution for. This should become the main heading of the decision tree.
  • Choose from a Creately decision tree template or start drawing one from scratch.
  • Brainstorm the different options you can have when solving the problem or making the decision. Write these down on the branches of the decision tree you are making.
  • Further analyze these variables to identify the risks and rewards associated with each alternative. You can use a risk-reward analysis to do this as well.
  • Use different colors to highlight the different decision paths. This will make it easier for anyone to quickly read and understand the decision tree.
  • Based on the risks and rewards associated with each alternative, prioritize them. Determine which alternative option has the least risks and the most rewards.
  • Invite others on your team to collaborate on the diagram with a secure diagram share link so anyone can view and analyze it before helping you jump into a conclusion.
  • As required, export your decision tree in SVG, PNG, JPEG, or PDF formats for publishing and embedding.