Big picture vision to the smallest detail, mapped visually

Brainstorm, plan and understand every piece of your strategic plan. Analyze and organize complex projects and processes. Creately helps executives and consulting teams operate better with simpler, intutive visual tools.

Big picture vision to the smallest detail, mapped visually

Strategic planning

Discover new opportunities and strengths. Create detailed plans using established planning frameworks. Align everyone in the team with easily understood visuals.

Value Proposition Canvas

SWOT Diagram

Process Flowchart

Strategy Map Example

Action Plan Template

Business Outcome Concept Map

Decision matrix

Strategy Diamond

Process improvement & consulting

Run process mapping and redesign projects with multiple teams and clients. Apply best practices, discover new ways to visualize and present information to move projects forward.

Flowchart with swimlanes

2x2 grid example

Business model canvas

Ishikawa diagram

Scenario planning example

Impact Effort Matrix for DMAIC

Innovation Matrix

5 Whys Template for Design Thinking

Training & documentation

Produce training and documetation material using visual, diagram content. Easier to maintain, simpler to understand and adopt.

Flowchart example

Concept map example

Data flow diagram

Content Marketing Funnel Template

Milestone Trend Analysis

A3 Strategic Planning Template

Weekly Planning Template

Periodic Table of Content Marketing

LEAN and agile

Adopting or practicing new methodologies made easier for larger teams. Specially designed shape and template sets and seamless collaboration features enable smooth workflows.

SIPOC diagram

Swimlane process map

5S dashboard

Lean UX Process Example

6 thinking hats

Target Market Diagram

Agile Board

Onshore Offshore Agile Software Development Process