Skill Tree Maker

Take Your Video Game To The Next Level

Enhance your video game character’s skill and gameplay progression with intuitive skill tree templates.

  • Customizable skill tree templates to effortlessly generate many attributes and skills for your video game characters
  • Real-time collaboration to ideate skill tree attributes with the video game designers, character artists, and the whole team
  • Multiple export options for printing, sharing, presentations, and documenting your video game skill tree
Skill Tree Maker
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How to Create Skill Trees?

Organize and Visualize Character Skills

Organize and Visualize Character Skills

Organize and Visualize Character Skills

Infinite canvas to centralize all the characters and their relevant gameplay progression, skills, and abilities.

Export the skill tree template as SVGs, PNGs, JPEGs, and PDFs to publish, present, print, or share.

Shape settings to customize the styling and add a deeper meaning to the characters and abilities.

Freehand drawing and highlights to quickly make notes on skill attributes, improvements, and enhancements.


Design Video Games in Real-time Environments

Design Video Games in Real-time Environments

In-app video conferencing to communicate with fellow designers and discuss character skills and abilities.

Real-time cursors for any number of participants on the shared workspace to improve cross-functional team engagement.

Full comment threads to review and share feedback to designers and developers on skill trees created for each character.

Design Video Games in Real-time Environments
Create Characters with Innovation

Create Characters with Innovation

Create Characters with Innovation

Drag Drop and Plus Create to seamlessly connect characters and their relevant skill progression for the video game.

Templates and Frameworks with advanced customizability to compare protagonist and antagonist character skills and their game progression.

Doc links and attachments to easily add context and meaning to each skill of your video game character.

What is a Skill Tree Maker?

A skill tree illustrates video game characters in the hierarchy. A skill tree may branch out, or it may eventually fold back to a single point depending on the video game. In most cases, skill points attributed from a skill tree are used in levelling up the video game characters instead of experience points. Hence, a skill tree maker is vital in understanding, organizing, and visualizing your video game character skills.

How to Create a Skill Tree Maker?

  • Identify the need to create a skill tree - Understand and identify your need to create a skill tree. For example, to monetize the skills and other attributes that are available for the characters in your video game product.
  • Understand the depth of the skill tree - Understand how long a video game character needs to progress in the game play to achieve certain milestones and the relevant skills offered after the successful completion of each milestone.
  • Gather information - Prepare a journey map on how your video game character progresses throughout the game and each milestone that needs to be unlocked. Gather information on the effort the video game player is expected to put in to unlock these milestones during game play.
  • Visualize the skill tree - Use Creately’s skill tree templates to visually represent the video game characters, skill level information, and the skills that are yet to be unlocked. You can then style and add colour themes to make it uniform among the game characters.
  • Share for collaboration among designers and animators - You can invite your colleagues in the design team to reiterate further on your skill tree and start developing and integrating them into your video game. You can also embed the skill tree on presentations and documents or download it as a PDF, image, or SVG.