Skill Tree Maker

Take Your Video Game to the Next Level

Enhance your video game character’s skill and gameplay progression with intuitive skill tree templates.

  • Customizable skill tree templates to effortlessly generate many attributes and skills
  • Real-time collaboration to ideate skill tree attributes with the whole team
  • Multiple export options for printing, sharing, presentations, and documenting
Skill Tree Maker
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How to make a Skill Tree?

Identify External Factors at a Glance

Identify External Factors at a Glance

Identify External Factors at a Glance
  • Infinite canvas to centralize information on gameplay progression, skills, and abilities.

  • Shape settings to customize the color and styling to differentiate characters and skills.

  • Freehand drawing to make notes on skill attributes, improvements, and enhancements.


Collaborate in Real-Time to Design Video Games

Collaborate in Real-Time to Design Video Games
  • Bring your team to one workspace to discuss and share progress. Work from anywhere, anytime.

  • Real-time cursors for all participants to improve cross-functional team engagement.

  • Full comment threads to review and share feedback.

  • Export and share skill tree templates as SVGs, PNGs, JPEGs, and PDFs to publish, present or print.

Collaborate in Real-Time to Design Video Games
Create Characters with Innovation

Create Characters with Innovation

Create Characters with Innovation
  • Drag-and-drop and Plus Create to connect characters and their skill progression.

  • Templates and frameworks with advanced customizability to compare game progression.

  • Doc links and attachments to easily add context and meaning to each skill.

What is a Skill Tree Maker?

A skill tree illustrates video game characters in the hierarchy. A skill tree may branch out, or it may eventually fold back to a single point depending on the video game. In most cases, skill points attributed from a skill tree are used in leveling up the video game characters instead of experience points. Hence, a skill tree maker is vital in understanding, organizing, and visualizing your video game character skills.

How Can Teams Collaborate Around the Skill Tree Maker in Creately?

Use the following tips to collaborate around Creately’s skill tree maker.

  1. Firstly, select a suitable cloud-based platform. A cloud-based platform like Creately allows team members to work on a shared platform regardless of the location. It makes real-time collaboration much easier and of course efficient.

  2. Maintain a regular flow of communication with team members. Use Creately’s integrations with Microsoft Teams, Google, Slack and much more to hold regular meetings, maintain workflows, discuss progress, share ideas and address bottlenecks and issues as and when they arise.

  3. Discuss with the team and establish a shared vision. The team should agree as to what the purpose and goals of the skill tree are. Doing so will ensure that everyone is on the same page, working towards the same objectives.

  4. Divide the responsibilities and tasks among team members. Figure out the different activities and tasks required to create the skill tree. For example, this may include designing the layout, defining skills, setting requirements and developing the skill tree. Assign each team member, depending on their talent and skill set, responsibilities via Creately’s task panel and project management capabilities to keep track of the progress.

  5. Assign roles and permissions to the workspace. Decide who will have edit and view only access based on their level of involvement and responsibility.

  6. Once the skill tree is completed, test and iterate. Get some feedback regarding the skill tree by testing it. Based on the feedback make the necessary changes to improve.

How to Use Creately’s Skill Tree Maker with Your Team?

  1. Define the game’s mechanics and goals

Before diving into creating the skill tree, the team should discuss and agree on the mechanics and goals of the game. Determine what abilities and upgrades the player can acquire and how they will affect the gameplay.

Bring all your team members together on a Creately workspace. Use the app’s in-built freehand drawing tools to brainstorm and discuss. Use highlights, sticky notes and notes panel to jot down information, attach documents and include links and assets if necessary.

  1. Understand the depth of the skill tree

Understand how long a video game character needs to progress in the game play to achieve certain milestones and the relevant skills offered after the successful completion of each milestone.

  1. Assign roles and responsibilities

Assign roles and responsibilities to team members, such as researching and gathering information about abilities, creating the initial skill tree layout, and reviewing and editing the skill tree.

Use the task panel to assign and track the progress of the tasks. Share dedicated workspaces and folders with team members to include the gathered information and research.

  1. Research and gather information about specific abilities

Together with the team, research and gather information about the abilities that will be included in the skill tree. This includes identifying the specific abilities and how they will affect the gameplay.

Prepare a journey map on how the video game character progresses throughout the game and each milestone that needs to be unlocked. Gather information on the effort the video game player is expected to put in to unlock these milestones during game play.

  1. Visualize the skill tree

Create an initial layout of the skill tree. Use Creately’s skill tree templates to visually represent the video game characters, skill level information, and the skills that are yet to be unlocked. Style and add color themes to make it uniform among the game characters.

  1. Share for collaboration among designers and animators

Invite colleagues in the design team to reiterate further on the skill tree and start developing and integrating them into your video game. You can also embed the skill tree on presentations and documents or download it as a PDF, image, or SVG.

  1. Playtest and gather feedback

As the next step, the team should playtest the game and gather feedback on the balance and usability.

  1. Review and edit

Review and edit the skill tree, making sure that it is balanced, engaging, and easy to understand.

  1. Finalize and implement

Once the team is satisfied with the skill tree, finalize and implement into the game. The team should test the game with the final skill tree to ensure it works as intended.

  1. Continuously update

As the game progresses and players provide feedback, update the skill tree as necessary.

Use These Editable Skill Tree Templates to Enhance Your Gameplay Progression

Stoneshard Geomancy Skill Tree

Stoneshard Geomancy Skill Tree

Uncharted Realms Skill Tree (Path Of Exile)

Uncharted Realms Skill Tree (Path Of Exile)

Assassins Creed Valhalla Skill Tree

Assassins Creed Valhalla Skill Tree

Spider Man Skill Tree

Spider Man Skill Tree

FAQs About the Skill Tree Maker in Creately

Who uses a skill tree?

Video game developers and the video gaming community mainly use skill trees.

If this is not the ‘tree maker’ you want, check out our easily customizable Family Tree Maker and Decision Tree Diagram Maker.

What is the importance of a skill tree?
Skill trees are considered essential elements in many games. They are used to show the skill development of a character and the available boosts, tools, and abilities. Suppose you are an avid video game player; in that case, you are sure to have crossed paths with simple to very complex skill trees within the game, showing you what skills you will gain as your character progresses.
How can I share my skill tree with colleagues?
To share a workspace with a colleague, go to the top left-hand corner and click on the share button to access the sharing options. If you want to give edit access to your colleagues, include their emails in the collaborators' panel and select the ‘can edit’ option. You can also export your workspace as a PNG, JPEG, SVG, or PDF to print, publish or share.
Can I use Creately as a free skill tree maker?
Yes, you can. The Creately basic plan is absolutely free to use, with access to three canvases. For more information, please check out

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Enterprise-Grade Security and Compliance

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