UML Sequence Diagram Articles

Confused about Combined Fragments in Sequence Diagrams?

While “alternative,” “option,” and “loop” are the combined fragments that people utilize the most, there are other combined fragments, such as break and parallel, which a large share of people will...

Use of Gates in Sequence Diagrams

While we discussed about how to reference another sequence diagram via sending across data through parameters and also return values.

Deeper Aspects of Sequence Diagrams

Taking an advanced look into sequence diagrams is important too. So in this article let's understand how to reference two sequence diagrams.

Understanding the Basics of Sequence Diagrams

While there is an assumption that Sequence Diagrams were made for developers, the truth is that a company’s business staff could use such diagrams to communicate how exactly the business presently...

Mistakes to avoid in Sequence Diagrams

Considering the fact that there are many glaring mistakes that are present when it comes to sequence diagrams, we have decided to gauge and mention ten of the most common mistakes you are sure to make.