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Improvements to MS Teams, In-line Content Blocks, and More…

Improvements to Microsoft Teams


As you all know, we have done a significant update to Creately, which you can now access from Microsoft Teams while you are hosting your meetings. We shipped a few improvements to this integration to maximize your experience in visual collaboration. One change is that as you open a workspace on MS Teams, the left sidebar will not be opened by default anymore.

Improvements to In-line Content Blocks

Your new favorite in Creately: in-line comment blocks just got better as this week’s improvement allows you to visually collaborate with ease and style.

Connector Anchor Point Adjustment

As you align objects on the canvas, we observed it is difficult to align the anchor point to the grid. Good news! We fixed it so you can easily move your objects and align them easily using Creately’s grid view.

Connector selection is also made much easier! You can now use Creately’s connectors consisting of a wide array of arrows and lines and select them to align or style just in a matter of seconds.

Use Group to align multiple shapes together rather than aligning them individually. For more information, read Grouping Shapes.