Star Diagram Template

Explore New Ideas With Star Diagrams

Organize ideas or concepts around a new topic for brainstorming and creative thinking.

  • Visually represent and explore ideas related to any new topics
  • Collaborate with a team for effective brainstorming sessions
  • Simplify complex topics with star diagrams
Star Diagram Template
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Identify Ideas Related to Any Topic

Identify Ideas Related to Any Topic

Identify Ideas Related to Any Topic

Multiple frameworks to create star diagrams with ease, choose from multiple templates based on the complexity of your topic.

Customize as per your preference. Edit shapes, add font styles or attach extra resources to expand on new topics for different subjects.

Use a star diagram to organize potential features or attributes with your team or for self-study.

Drag and drop interface to quickly express your creative ideas and visualize them on the canvas as they arise.


Simplify the Creative Process

Simplify the Creative Process

Infinite canvas to map out your ideas with shapes and position text anywhere on the canvas with ease while creating your star diagrams for brainstorming sessions or discussions.

Work with a range of color themes and formatting styles to organize your ideas, concepts or new topics while working on projects.

Add documents, resources or references to your workspace to include additional information for your topics without cluttering your workspace.

Automatic drawing with snap to grid alignments while working with Plus Create. Seamless functions help maintain a neat workspace and easily organize items.

Simplify the Creative Process
Explore New Topics and Share Ideas with Your Team

Explore New Topics and Share Ideas with Your Team

Explore New Topics and Share Ideas with Your Team

Conduct engaging and interactive brainstorming sessions with virtual whiteboard functions and in-app conferencing. Get feedback from your team and note suggestions for improvement.

Multi-user and multi-cursor functions for team members to edit workspaces in real-time. Seamlessly interact with your team and get all members involved in exploring new topics.

Make notes, create comment threads and color code information based on team topics. Create access levels and manage roles while working with teams.

Export your star diagram in PNG, JPEG, PDF and SVGs format for sharing or presentations. Convey your ideas to team project members by sharing a link to your workspace or inviting them through email.

What Is a Star Diagram?

A star diagram is used to organize attributes, facts, questions or characteristics based on a single topic. Star diagrams are graphic organizers that are useful for brainstorming new ideas or topics connected to the same theme.

How to Create a Star Diagram?

  • First decide on the main topic, which can range from ideas for products or services to stories or characters and more.
  • Start creating your diagram by selecting your shape from Creately’s extensive shape library, and decide on how many attributes you need, or speed up the process by selecting a star diagram template from Creately. If you need to add more than five elements, shapes can be formatted and edited according to your requirements.
  • Add the text for the main topic to the centre of the star. Then start adding the related characteristics or elements to the points of the star.
  • Your team can even conduct a starbursting session to generate creative thinking with Creately’s in-app conferencing and discussion threads features.
  • You can download your start diagram in PNG, SVG, JPEG or PDF formats for publishing online, embedding in documents or presentations.