Sociogram Templates

Visualize Social Dynamics in a Group

Use Creately’s visual canvas to illustrate the type of relationships that exist among individuals in a group.

  • Gain visual insights into social relationships and how peers interact with each other
  • Advanced collaboration tools to conduct group sessions to create sociograms
  • Use findings to improve interpersonal relationships across organizations
Sociogram Templates
National Geographic
Visually Express Social Relationships

Visually Express Social Relationships

Visually Express Social Relationships

Customizable sociogram templates to instantly bring data on social links and preferences from an activity given to the group members.

100s of shapes to choose and customize from shape library according to the sociogram symbols like girl, boy, attraction, mutual attraction, indifference and more.

Infinite canvas to visualize complex social interactions and map multiple relationship types.

Simple drag and drop tools to map out large sociograms effortlessly.

Customizable color and styling themes to visually represent distinct relationship types together for faster comprehension.


Connect the Dots Among Individuals of a Social Group

Connect the Dots Among Individuals of a Social Group

Import videos, photos, documents, screenshots, or anything onto the canvas and analyze data while creating the sociogram.

Add data and data fields to the shapes and store information on personal preferences, social links, and more.

Dynamic connectors to connect individuals based on their interests, social links, and interpersonal relationships.

Connect the Dots Among Individuals of a Social Group
Share on Multiple Platforms

Share on Multiple Platforms

Share on Multiple Platforms

Connect to your favorite tools with Creately plugins for Github, Slack, Google Workspace, Confluence, and more.

Add-ons to easily embed in Google/Microsoft documents, slides, and sheets for you to generate reports based on the sociogram.

Export as PDF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, or PDF to publish, present, print, or share.

Use frames inside the canvas to group individual relationships together. See how individuals interact with each other and how larger groups form social dynamics.

Two-way integrations to connect with your HRM systems and update the progress of the sociogram or import data from the sociogram without having to manually do that.


Understand How Peer Groups Form

Understand How Peer Groups Form

Use frames inside the canvas to group individual relationships together. See how individuals interact with each other and how larger groups form social dynamics.

Universal full-text search to easily find specific pieces of information or navigate to particular relationship types in a sociogram.

Shape links for easy navigation - move from one relationship type to another in just a click.

Multiple app integrations to help you import and export data across teams on different platforms.

Add detailed docs, attachments, links and more via the notes feature on each org chart item to capture pertinent information on employees in a single space.

Full-version history to identify the changes and updates done to a sociogram over the months and years. Revert to a previous iteration or copy that iteration to develop a sociogram from there.

Understand How Peer Groups Form

What is a Sociogram?

Sociograms are charts that show relationships within a group. Essentially, it is a visual representation of a person’s social links and preferences.

How to Create a Sociogram?

  • After identifying the group for analysis, ask each person to name two other people with whom they would like to work. This should be kept confidential.
  • Using a sociogram template from Creately, you can then start visualizing the data. Use circles to place the names of members in the group.
  • Analyze the patterns. Which individuals have been isolated? Or has not been selected by anyone or only has been selected by another isolate?
  • Identify whether there is any division between the girls and the boys. Another dynamic you need to look out for are cliques or groups of 3-4 individuals who only choose each other and excludes others.
  • And then there are stars, the most popular individuals who everyone would like to work with.
  • Creately offers pre-set color themes that you can use to highlight these dynamics in your sociogram. Use them to make your diagrams presentation-ready.
  • You can download your sociogram as SVGs and images or you can share them with others via a diagram share link with Edit or View privileges.