Science Fair Board

Simplify Your Science Projects

Create creative virtual science fair boards to present your scientific investigations or engineering projects effectively.

  • Multiple science fair board templates to get a headstart
  • Built-in tools to conduct interactive online presentations
  • Real-time collaboration to brainstorm and work with students
Science Fair Board
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Advanced Tools for Visualization

Advanced Tools for Visualization

Advanced Tools for Visualization

Simple drag and drop tools to create simple to complex science fair boards in minutes.

Extensive shape libraries for over 50 types of diagrams and charts to effectively illustrate numerical and non-numerical data of your research.

Configurable color palettes & advanced text formatting to quickly customize and style your science fair boards based on any preferred theme.

Drag and drop images and icons to the canvas or use built-in Google-image search to browse the internet for graphics to create more dynamic science fair boards.

Multiple expertly-designed display board layouts to get a headstart on your presentation.


Create More Dynamic Science Fair Boards

Create More Dynamic Science Fair Boards

Built-in presentation tools and frames to instantly arrange your science fair project on the canvas and create interactive presentations.

Insert additional documents and links to resources with in-app previews on the display board to provide more context to information and data.

Embed your science fair board in any site, or in Google docs, sheets, or slides, and Powerpoint presentations.

Infinite canvas to bring together all science fair boards done by students in one place to create a digital gallery for your virtual science fair.

Export your science fair board layout as SVGs, PDFs, and PNGs to publish, present, print, and share.

Create More Dynamic Science Fair Boards
Conduct Your Science Fair Online

Conduct Your Science Fair Online

Conduct Your Science Fair Online

Built-in video conferencing baked into the platform for students to conduct online presentations seamlessly.

Online whiteboard with freehand drawing to facilitate online teaching and brainstorming sessions.

True multi user collaboration with concurrent editing to work with students on their science fair projects on the same canvas.

Contextual comments and discussion threads to capture questions and feedback from the audience during the project presentation.

Multiple access levels and roles to streamline sharing, editing, and reviewing the science fair projects done by students.

What Is a Science Fair Board?

A science fair project board is a display board used to organize information and communicate your work to others.

How to Create a Science Fair Board?

  • Decide on a title for your project. Make sure that it is an attention-grabbing title followed by an abstract or a hypothesis.
  • Gather literature on the experiment/ project you have decided on. This scientific material should be included in the literature section of the board with proper citation.
  • In the procedure section of the board, you should add the steps you took in conducting the experiment and other significantly related details.
  • Mention the materials used in the experiment in the resources section. Next, display the results on the board’s results section. Add charts or graphs to convey them.
  • The conclusions you arrive at should be explained in the conclusion section. Here you should expand on the results of your experiment.
  • Choose a Creately template to go ahead and design your science fair project layout. You can invite others to edit in real-time.
  • Organize the sections from left to right and top to bottom. Center the title in large letters to grab attention.
  • Using different colors on the science fair project template, test for a good combination of colors. As for the fonts, keep a consistent font style.