School Schedule Maker

Create Trackable and Interactive School Schedules

Easily create intuitive templates from scratch. Bring data from different sources and centralize them on one canvas that can be shared across multiple platforms.

  • Professionally-designed templates to easily create school schedules
  • Real-time collaboration for multiple participants
  • Customizable and attractive formatting and color themes for customizations
School Schedule Maker
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Instantly Create Stunning School Schedules

Instantly Create Stunning School Schedules

Instantly Create Stunning School Schedules

Wide array of professional templates to select a school schedule according to the age group, subjects, and more.

Powerful styling options and text formatting capabilities to highlight and differentiate information about class schedules and subjects.

Simple to use drag and drop tools to quickly visualize class schedules, assigned teachers, and durations to easily gather information.

Use frames inside the infinite canvas to generate page-like layouts to arrange informative school schedules and build a presentation flow around them.


One Canvas to Organize Class Schedules and Syllabuses

One Canvas to Organize Class Schedules and Syllabuses

Infinite canvas that can scale up to 1000s of items for teachers to create class schedules for all of their classes.

Link workspaces to make a flow of syllabuses and content plans of each subject.

Import videos, photos, documents, screenshots, or anything onto the canvas to plan your classes.

Add detailed docs, attachments, links and more on each icon to save past papers, resources, and references for a school schedule.

One Canvas to Organize Class Schedules and Syllabuses
Stay On Top of Your Schedule

Stay On Top of Your Schedule

Stay On Top of Your Schedule

Freehand drawing to visualize and highlight special information without any constraints.

Smart shapes and connectors to visualize class schedules and rearrange them as needed.

Advanced folder structure to plan the class schedules according to the year, grade, and teachers.


Discuss Conflicts and Overlapping Schedules

Discuss Conflicts and Overlapping Schedules

Audio and video conferencing to discuss schedule changes, substitute allocation for absence/leave in real-time.

Real-time cursors for any number of participants to collaborate with colleagues on a shared canvas.

Full version history to keep track of the modifications done to the school schedules in different time frames. Branch out from an earlier version if needed at any time.

@mention comments to direct teachers to finalize different class schedules in comment threads and follow up on the same canvas.

Discuss Conflicts and Overlapping Schedules

What Is a School Schedule Maker?

An online school schedule maker lets you plan and visualize all your classes and provides a ready reckoner that can be accessed in one glance.

Effective Tips for Making a School Schedule

  • Choose a template that best represents your particular schedule, based on the number of classes and days of the week - either a 5 day week or 7 day week.
  • Drag and drop shapes into the canvas to add more details specific to your individual schedule.
  • Alter size and color of shapes based on number of classes and time.
  • Add text. Using the contextual toolbar, you can quickly change the font type, color as well as the size to suit your needs.
  • Color code the schedule, group similar classes or tasks together to give you a better understanding of what’s ahead.
  • Import images or graphics to customize it and make it uniquely yours.
  • Add a note section to take down important details or changes to the schedule.
  • Download it in PDF format for printing in high resolution.