Rose Bud Thorn Templates

Continually Identify Areas of Improvement

Collaborate visually with your team to understand the positives, negatives, and potentials of a specific problem or topic.

  • Run seamless meetings and workshops with others using Creately’s infinite canvas
  • Create your retrospective meetings in minutes with pre-made templates
  • Export in multiple formats for publishing, sharing, and printing
Rose Bud Thorn Templates
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Analyze Wins, Challenges and Opportunities

Analyze Wins, Challenges and Opportunities

Analyze Wins, Challenges and Opportunities

Bring data from any source to analyze wins, losses or potential ideas.

Sticky notes to easily list down positives/negatives and represent them on the canvas. Move things around when required and conduct interactive retrospective meetings.

Use data shapes to add more context to items on the canvas. Explain what could be improved or create action plans for the future.

Interactive data visualization with drag-drop function to quickly take stock of how a project is going and represent the progress on the canvas.

Frames to extract actionable ideas for reports and presentations.


Visually Identify Issues and Insights

Visually Identify Issues and Insights

Multiple templates to quickly get started identifying what worked, what didn’t and potential opportunities.

Infinite canvas to capture all your ideas and take a look at how a project is progressing from a holistic point of view.

@ mentions to comment and discuss issues concerning the organization.

Pre-set colour themes, formatting and stylizing options to differentiate responses by applying different colors, styles and themes.

Visually Identify Issues and Insights
Run Effective Meetings Collaboratively

Run Effective Meetings Collaboratively

Run Effective Meetings Collaboratively

Conduct engaging and interactive brainstorming sessions with virtual whiteboard functions and in-app conferencing. Get feedback from your team and note suggestions for improvement.

Add detailed docs, attachments, links and more via the notes feature on each item to capture details and add granular information to the meeting agenda.

Make notes, create comment threads and color code information based on team topics. Create access levels and manage roles while working with teams.

Built-in video conferencing and whiteboarding to work closely with the team in real-time.

What Is ‘Rose Bud Thorn’?

Rose bud thorn is a framework that is popular in business as well as in education. This simple activity helps evaluate a project, event, or even your day in terms of what worked well (rose), what has the potential to improve (bud), and what didn’t work well (thorn). It’s widely used in design thinking to review ideas and reflect on effort.

How Use Rose Bud Thorn Template with Creately?

  • Share the Creately rose bud thorn template with the group of participants to collaborate on it in real-time. Simply share a document edit link or add your peers as collaborators.
  • Start the session by first defining the terms. Rose for what succeeded, bud for what can be improved, and thorns for challenges faced.
  • Brainstorm and reflect on each of the three areas and write ideas and insight down separately as bullet points or on separate colored notes (i.e. red for rose, green for bud, blue for thorn) under each category on the worksheet.
  • Go over the collected insight to identify themes. You can then move on to clustering these ideas based on priority or the identified themes.
  • Export your rose bud thorn worksheet in PNG, SVG or PDF formats to easily embed, or publish them in reports, documents or blog posts or take printouts.