Plus Delta Chart

Create a System of Continual Improvement

Enhance constructive criticism while continuously improving meetings and activities with your teams to boost organizational productivity.

  • Professionally created templates to keep the team on the same page
  • Real-time collaboration to gather immediate feedback from your team to make timely decisions
  • Augment data to refine repeatable processes throughout the organization with improved productivity
Plus Delta Chart
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Flatten the Learning Curve

Flatten the Learning Curve

Flatten the Learning Curve

Whiteboarding to identify what has been successful and what needs improvement with your entire team.

Video conferencing to get the entire team to participate and collaborate on sharing their learnings and best practices in real-time.

Shape settings to organize ideas in low, medium, and high priority to easily identify the tasks that you need to work on first.

Full comment threads to review the progress of your ideas from the previous meetings and identify areas to improve and share feedback.


Conduct Effective Retrospectives

Conduct Effective Retrospectives

Export the retrospective summary in multiple formats and share the best practices among everyone in the team.

Team share to capture feedback from everyone in your team including remote team members effectively.

Guest share with external coaches and trainers to Inculcate an open and collaborative atmosphere to get feedback.

Conduct Effective Retrospectives
Improve Meetings and Planning Sessions

Improve Meetings and Planning Sessions

Improve Meetings and Planning Sessions

Share permissions for async collaboration among your team members from different functionalities.

Universal search to find all content on workspaces, folders and databases that are shared among your team after each meeting session.

High-quality vector exports suitable for printing and reuse in PDF and SVG so that they could be circulated among the rest of the company employees.

Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
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    What Is a Plus Delta Chart?

    The plus delta chart is a feedback and assessment tool frequently used in continuous improvement to help teams or individuals reflect on projects they worked on, particularly on what worked and didn’t, what needs to be changed, etc. The Pluses refer to the positives, or what brought value and needs to be continued. The DeItas help identify the problems, things that need to be improved, or dropped.

    How to Create a Plus Delta Chart?

    • Gather information about the things that went well and need to be continued, as well as things that didn’t go well and require improvement.
    • As the next step, have a plus delta chart ready. Save time with an existing template on Creately. Add everyone as collaborators, so even if your team joins the meeting remotely, they can still provide their input on the canvas.
    • Explain what pluses and deltas are to the participants. Pluses should always include what succeeded and should be repeated. Deltas should include items that need to be improved.
    • Ideas added to the chart on both sides can be organized as low, medium, and high priority, so it’s easier to identify which ones you should work on first.
    • Ensure that everyone participates. Do this by going around the table, giving each individual an opportunity to add a plus or delta.
    • At the beginning of the next meeting, review the progress of the ideas in your prior plus/delta chart. Accordingly, discuss the next set of steps.