Opportunity Canvas

Analyze and Identify New Opportunities

A strategic planning tool to help you innovate and expand your product offering.

  • Pre-made templates to get you started on strategic planning, opportunity hunting and effective competitor analysis
  • Conduct collaborate innovation sessions to identify new areas to expand
  • Embed, share and export findings to create presentations and reports
Opportunity Canvas
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Identify New Opportunities for Growth

Identify New Opportunities for Growth

Identify New Opportunities for Growth

Multiple frameworks and templates to cohesively capture your business opportunities and effectively map them out.

Simple drag and drop functionality to easily go through each section of the opportunity canvas and fill in relevant details.

Infinite canvas to add details from multiple sources and conduct an in-depth analysis of your market position.


Unlock Innovation

Unlock Innovation

In app video conferences enable collaboration among the team members to facilitate discussions about new features and capabilities.

Multi user collaboration with simultaneous editing and automatic conflict resolution to analyze various inputs and opinions.

Multiple access and role levels to streamline sharing, reviewing, and editing on opportunity canvas.

Unlock Innovation
Centralize All Information

Centralize All Information

Centralize All Information

Add links, docs and references to the canvas for easy reference and to easily discover insights.

Version history to track all edits and roll back to an older version if necessary.

Advance folder structure to provide easy access to insights and clarify organizational goals.

Advance linking capabilities to connect multiple workspaces to connect to action plans and border strategic plans.

Bring in data from any source onto the canvas to create a single source of truth for all related information.

Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Accessing Creately VIZ

    What Is an Opportunity Canvas Template?

    The opportunity canvas is a tool for business leaders to use in identifying the most pressing opportunities in the market. The canvas consists of four quadrants, each representing a primary opportunity. The quadrants are customer experience, employee experience, channel, and business model. These are the four areas that are most likely to affect customer behavior.This canvas is the first step in mapping out a business idea and its various opportunities and challenges.

    How to Create an Opportunity Canvas with Creately?

    • Use an existing template on Creately to save time and share with your teammates by Adding them as collaborators. Even if your team joins the meeting remotely, they can still do their part on screen.
    • Go through each section of the outline and allow team members to enter their thoughts and suggestions.
    • Try to clearly define the problem.
    • Start by thinking about the users and the purpose of your solution. Try to organize clients into sub-groups.
    • Now brainstorm on metrics. How do you know if your users are benefiting from your product or service? What actions could indicate that your business is doing well?
    • Make sure everyone participates. To do this, give each individual the option to add a post in each section.
    • See which entries overlap and can be grouped together.
    • Once finalized, export the diagram in various formats including CSV, SVG, PDF, PNG, and many more.