Mood Board Templates

Display and Organize Creative Concepts

Templates to visualize and design all your projects. Stay organized and enhance your efficiency with Creately’s intuitive features to extend your projects.

  • Professional templates to plan, organize, and communicate creative concepts
  • Wide range of shapes and shape properties to style and format designs
  • Real-time collaboration to connect with teams
Mood Board Templates
National Geographic

How to make a Moodboard?

Visually Communicate and Organize Your Ideas

Visually Communicate and Organize Your Ideas

Visually Communicate and Organize Your Ideas

Customizable templates to design a project in minutes. Explore the wide range of templates in various industries and quickly get started with them on an intuitive canvas.

Powerful styling options to color-code, differentiate, and categorize ideas on your project.

Easy to use drag-drop and Plus Create for shape to easily reposition and organize images and text on your mood board.

Infinite canvas that scales up to 1000 items in a single click. Create several mood boards for a single project to compare and make decisions.


Connect Multiple Teams Together

Connect Multiple Teams Together

In-app conferencing to communicate with teams across multiple departments. Explore, discuss, and brainstorm creative ideas on Creately’s visualization platform.

Multiple access and role levels as viewers, reviewers, and editors to customize sharing options among multiple teams.

Full-version history to track the changes done by collaborators to the mood board. Save multiple versions according to date or the collaborator who applied changes. Revert to any version as required.

Share the workspace, invite via link, or export as SVG, PNG, JPEG, or PDF to broaden the mood board through feedback from multiple team mates.

Connect Multiple Teams Together
Extend Your Mood Board as You Visualize and Collaborate

Extend Your Mood Board as You Visualize and Collaborate

Extend Your Mood Board as You Visualize and Collaborate

Create folders based and customize sharing options to structure your mood boards based on the content, projects, or execution dates.

Import images, vectors, or Google search them in-app to elaborate on the information.

Embed documents, records, and assets with in-app previews to link information together around different ideas.

Multiple integrations to easily connect with popular platforms like Github, Slack, Google Workspace, Confluence, and more.

What Is A Mood Board?

A mood board is a visual tool used to represent ideas with a collection of images and texts arranged on a board design project.

How To Create a Mood Board?

  • Clearly define the direction and theme before creating a particular mood board. Start brainstorming with colors, styles, images, etc that inspires you or that you feel is aligned with your project.
  • Create a mood board from scratch, or explore Creately’s extensive template library and select a professionally-designed template to customize according to your creative requirements.
  • Once you have decided on a template, start gathering images, color palettes, font styles or even inspirational quotes for your mood board. You can import your images or vectors without leaving the application via import, linking and Google Search.
  • Observe common elements in your mood board that are aligned with your creative process and bring everything together.
  • Easily organize your elements with Creately’s drag-drop and Plus Create features.
  • Publish, share, or export your mood board on different platforms. Invite your team to a real-time conference, invite via a link, or email a sharing link to get their feedback onboard.