Milestone Chart Templates

Keep Track of Your Project Milestones

Precisely map out important milestones in your project timeline with milestone charts.

  • Multiple templates to visualize project milestones and timelines
  • Real-time collaboration to align cross-functional teams
  • Multiple app integrations to connect your project workflows
Milestone Chart Templates
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Easy Tools for Seamless Project Planning

Easy Tools for Seamless Project Planning

Easy Tools for Seamless Project Planning

Simple drag and drop tools with Plus Create to instantly visualize project steps and key milestones.

Pre-made editable templates for milestone charts, project timelines, and Gantt charts to get a headstart on visualizing your project schedules.

Infinite canvas to centralize all project information and assets for easier decision-making.

Frames for Kanban boards, timelines, grids, and more to visually arrange your data and create a view for your own working style on the canvas.


Keep Everyone and Everything in Sync

Keep Everyone and Everything in Sync

Multi-user collaboration with asynchronous editing to collaborate around project planning and tracking with your team.

@mention comments to tag people to get things done or clarify things and comment threads to have discussions and follow-ups on the same canvas.

Multiple access levels and roles to streamline managing, sharing, editing, and reviewing your milestones, project plans, and strategies.

Workspace level status tracking; mark workspaces as Draft, In Progress, Final, Archived, etc. to maintain workflows and to keep everyone in sync.

Smart notifications to stay updated on changes other stakeholders make to your work plans.

Keep Everyone and Everything in Sync
Keep Track of Project Progress

Keep Track of Project Progress

Keep Track of Project Progress

Migrate data from your project management tools to visualize on the canvas and identify shifts in the project’s development.

Create custom databases with any type of data from project milestones, and team charters to project deliverables.

Add detailed docs, attachments, links and more via the notes feature on each project milestone to capture key details on deadlines, steps, and deliverables.

Import reports, screenshots, and images, and attach key documents with in-app previews to centralize all information and assets needed for decision-making.


A Better Way to Run Your Projects

A Better Way to Run Your Projects

Built-in project management tools and integrations to popular task management platforms to keep your team work flowing.

Prioritization grids to visually rank ideas for optimal effort and impact before implementation.

Assign tasks to complete items in context. Link tasks to or from other project management tools seamlessly.

Set estimated times and due dates for tasks and allocate resources based on availability and skill sets.

A Better Way to Run Your Projects

What Is a Milestone Chart?

A milestone chart is a tool that is used for scheduling and visually displaying the important dates or events in a project. By breaking down the project timeline into different stages with a milestone chart, you can simplify and track the completion or start of project milestones.

How to Create a Milestone Chart?

  • Start by defining your project goals. Getting a thorough understanding of the project outcome will help you prioritize tasks.
  • Identify the project tasks and dependencies and determine the time it would take to complete each individual task.
  • Identify the milestones you want to set. These could be the completion of major tasks approvals and testing, etc. in addition to the beginning and end of the project.
  • Set a reasonable timeframe. Consider the amount of time and the resources you need to complete each milestone before setting the time frame.
  • Create a milestone chart template highlighting the project milestones. You can create one yourself or choose a Creately milestone chart template for this.
  • Once you customize the Creately milestone chart template, share it with your team with a workspace edit/ review link.
  • Add documents or meeting notes to your milestone chart template by linking shapes. This will help you maintain an updated source for project information.