Checklist Template

Stay on Top of Your Tasks

The simplest and easiest way to organize and keep track of your daily tasks. Free up your time and mind to focus on the important objectives.

  • Customizable checklist templates to track anything from grocery shopping to event management
  • Real-time collaboration to work on your checklist tasks with your team
  • Multiple export options for printing, sharing, presenting, and documenting your checklists
Checklist Template
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Brainstorm Without Limits

Brainstorm Without Limits

Brainstorm Without Limits

Brainstorming tools like mind maps and post-it notes walls to ideate and generate your task checklists easily.

Prioritization grids to visually rank your checklist items based on importance or urgency.

Multiple customizable checklist templates for task planning, tracking project progress and goal setting.

Simple drag and drop tools and Plus Create to effortlessly map your checklist tasks.

Specialized shape and icon libraries to easily customize your checklists based on any theme.


Plan Better and Make Informed Decisions

Plan Better and Make Informed Decisions

Integrate with the most popular platforms to import, augment, and break down any major task into smaller and more specific tasks.

Expand your checklists by capturing additional details on checklist tasks with data fields and custom properties.

Attach links to external resources with in-app previews to each item to provide more context to them.

Built-in tools to create interactive presentations for checklist tasks and their deliverables.

Multiple app integrations to help you import and export project data across teams on different platforms.

Plan Better and Make Informed Decisions
Delegate and Increase Productivity

Delegate and Increase Productivity

Delegate and Increase Productivity

In-app video conferencing to communicate and collaborate closely on the checklist tasks assigned to your team members in real-time.

Full comment threads to review and offer feedback on the checklist tasks that are yet to be completed, in progress, or already completed.

Real-time cursors for any number of participants, including your team members as well as external stakeholders.

Workspace version history to keep track of checklist tasks completed or any key inputs made by team members.


Less Stress and Fewer Drills

Less Stress and Fewer Drills

Dynamically embed the checklist in your apps, intranets, or sites to keep your entire project team and organization in sync.

Share checklist workspaces and folders among project team members with clearly assigned ownership, tasks, and responsibilities.

Multiple workspace statuses to track checklist tasks; mark workspaces as Draft, In Progress, Final, Archived, etc. to maintain workflows and to keep everyone in sync.

Export checklists as JPEGs, PNGs, PDFs and SVGs to publish, present, print, or share.

Less Stress and Fewer Drills

What Is a Checklist?

A checklist contains a list of things or items to be done. It’s usually used by people to ensure that they are on track when completing a task. By using a checklist, you can easily track your progress and see what other tasks are pending.

How to Create a Checklist?

  • The first step is to brainstorm all the things you need to do and write them down. You can use a piece of paper or a Creately mind map to quickly capture your thoughts.
  • Go through the to-dos you have brainstormed and start prioritizing them based on their importance or urgency.
  • Select a Creately checklist template and assemble the prioritized list of tasks. You can easily customize your Creately checklist by importing graphics from your device or with the built-in Google image search.
  • Mark your checklist as you complete each task. You can either export your checklist and take a printout or update it regularly using the Creately editor itself.
  • Remember to make adjustments to the checklist as new tasks come up.
  • Want to share your checklist with a team? You can simply share a review or edit enabled Creately share link. You can also share the diagram to your Slack channel to give your team quick access or create it right from your Confluence page where everyone has access to.