SmartDraw Alternative

SmartDraw vs. Creately

See how Creately does diagramming differently. Use Creately to visualize project workflows, collaborate better, and innovate faster.

SmartDraw Alternative
SmartDraw Alternative
SmartDraw vs. Creately
See how Creately does diagramming differently. Use Creately to visualize project workflows, collaborate better, and innovate faster.
SmartDraw Alternative
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Advanced Diagramming.

Easy to Adopt.

Rock Solid Support.

Why Creately Is a Better Alternative to SmartDraw?

Intuitive Diagramming With No Learning Curve

Smartdraw has a large technical shape library but its complicated interface and complex navigation structure makes it clunky to use.

With Creately, you can just plug and play. With a modern UI and purpose-built shape libraries, Creately facilitates effortless drawing through Plus Create, intelligent shortcuts and formatting, contextual toolbars, preset color themes and styles, and more, enabling the visualization of complex systems significantly easier.

Go From Visualization to Execution on One Platform

SmartDraw is a platform meant to end at visualization. It has been designed for its output to be placed in other software and doesn’t offer much past drawing features.

Creately on the other hand is built to accommodate your entire workflow on a single collaborative platform. Users can simplify project tasks and workflows from conceptualization to implementation efficiently with built-in functionality.

Do More with Creately’s Data-Powered Visual Platform

Smartdraw is a capable visual diagramming tool that doesn’t offer much else.

Creately on the other hand serves as a planning & knowledge hub. Connect migrated data from any source to visualize on the canvas as meaningful data shapes and keep data synced both ways in real-time with two-way integrations.

Unmatched Real-Time Collaboration

SmartDraw is primarily a diagramming tool with nascent collaboration features. It lacks communication features such as advanced comments, live mouse tracking, and video and audio chat. Hence, accommodating multiple users in the same document and communicating with them in real-time would require additional effort.

Creately is a SmartDraw alternative that offers more powerful real-time collaboration in the same workspace with in-app video calling, synced change previews, live mouse tracking and more for a seamless collaboration experience.

Customize Your Workflows

Creately allows you to easily customize your workflows, whether you are brainstorming, visualizing a complex network architecture, sprint planning, or developing a marketing strategy.

Creately has intuitive frames for Kanban boards, timelines, grids, etc. which you can use to create a custom view for your own workstyle effortlessly.

Re-imagining How Teams Visualize and Execute Work.

Creately combines the power of an intuitive online whiteboard with advanced data linking features, offering so much more. Its visual platform enables smart diagramming, visual collaboration, knowledge management, and seamless project execution in a single place.

Infinite Visual Canvas

Visually create and organize any structure you imagine. Drag drop shapes or datasets and embed external content.

Real-Time Collaboration

Work remote or hybrid with real-time cursor tracking, in-built video chat and advanced in-context comments and task allocation.

Project & Task Management

Use built-in agile project management tooling or integrate with your favorite project management tool to keep work flowing.

Enterprise Grade Security

ISO 27001, SOC 2 - Type 2, Data Residency & Up-time SLAs to collaborate securely with your entire organization.

Custom Databases

Create custom databases for any kind of information from tasks, HR personnel records to documentation for law firms.

Data Driven Docs

Create docs and notes to go deeper from high-level visual views. 2 way link to other docs, shapes or data with @mentions.

Professional Diagramming

50+ types of standard diagrams with 1000+ specially designed shapes and connectors enable blazing fast diagramming.

Powerful Visual Modeling

Visuals that are backed by databases, update once, reflect in multiple views of workflows. Unlock true multi-perspective analysis and planning.