Value Stream Mapping Software

Increase Process Efficiency

Identify waste and inefficiencies in your existing processes and collaborate to develop solutions for improvement.

  • Real-time collaboration to align cross-functional team workflows
  • Multiple scenario-based templates for process optimization
  • Extensive VSM shape library to outline complex processes
Value Stream Mapping Software
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Easy Tools for Value Stream Mapping

Easy Tools for Value Stream Mapping
  • Create and visualize complex processes quickly with 50+ diagram types and industry-standard shape libraries.

  • Easily create outlines during planning sessions using freehand drawing and highlights.

  • Update value stream maps as processes evolve with dedicated shapes, color themes and advanced formatting.

Easy Tools for Value Stream Mapping
Create a Single Source of Truth

Create a Single Source of Truth

Create a Single Source of Truth
  • Provide context by adding images, content, and links to external information sources.

  • Create interactive presentations, reports, and dashboards with advanced built-in tools.

  • Create a central access point by adding documents and assets with in-app previews.

  • To share or publish, embed securely, or export as SVGs, PNGs, JPEGs, or PDFs.


Connect All Teams Across the Board

Connect All Teams Across the Board
  • Utilize brainstorming tools such as mind maps and post-its to efficiently conduct collaborative analysis sessions.

  • With real-time cursors, collaborate with team members on a shared canvas to discuss, add information, and analyze.

  • Keep track of key points during each iteration of your process map with full version history. Branch out any time from an earlier version.

  • Streamline managing, sharing, editing, and reviewing your documents and processes with multiple access levels and roles.

Connect All Teams Across the Board
Build Comprehensive Value Stream Maps

Build Comprehensive Value Stream Maps

Build Comprehensive Value Stream Maps
  • Capture further process data and the big picture in a single space by adding detailed docs, attachments, links, and more with the notes panel.

  • Record cycle time, number of people involved, wait time, downtime, and more with custom properties and additional data fields for each VSM shape.

  • Build navigational structures in and across workspaces by linking shapes. Keep track of inconsistencies by connecting the current and future state value stream maps.

  • Connect to your favorite tools with Creately plugins for Slack, Google Workspace, Confluence, and more.

Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Accessing Creately VIZ
    What is a Value Stream Map?

    What is a Value Stream Map?

    Value stream mapping is a lean tool that is used to visualize a production process or the steps required to transform a customer request into a good or service. It helps to increase the value of the product or service by identifying bottlenecks and eliminating waste.

    How Can Teams Collaborate Around a Value Stream Map?

    Improve the end-to-end flow of a product or service, by visually collaborating.

    1. Make sure to get all the stakeholders involved in creating the value stream map. Develop a shared understanding among all stakeholders involved, especially about the current state of the process.

    2. Together with the team, identify key value streams that contribute to the delivery of the product or service. Bring everyone onto the same platform with Creately to discuss, analyze and map the current state.

    3. Brainstorm solutions to address identified issues with whiteboard, integrations and free-hand drawing capabilities.

    4. Implement the proposed solutions, assign tasks via the task panel and track progress. Use cycle time, lead time, and throughput as metrics.

    5. Regularly review and continuously improve. Adjust as needed to optimize the process.

    6. Have a clear flow of communications with the team members and stakeholders. Share ideas, have discussions, provide input and feedback through in-line comments, @mentions and many more tools.

    How to Create a Value Stream Map with Your Team?

    1. Identify the scope and objectives

    Identify the process and product to be mapped, along with the scope of the value stream map. Discuss with the team and set clear goals. Use Creately’s integrations with Microsoft Teams to conduct meetings and carry out dynamic discussions.

    1. Gather data

    Assign team members to collect information on the current process, including inputs, activities, outputs, and customers. Share a folder or workspace with team members to house all information.

    1. Create a current state map

    Once the information is collected, plot the flow of material and information, including handoffs and wait times. Highlight bottlenecks, delays, and inefficiencies.

    Select a relevant value stream map template from the Creately templates library. Enable the shape library for value stream mapping and drag and drop the relevant shapes to start from scratch. The start and end points should be placed at the top left and right corners of the document.

    Map out the steps of the process with process boxes. Include every step. To show the entire process, connect the boxes with arrows. Indicate the direction information flows and identify and place communication lines. Create a timeline at the bottom of the value stream map. It is important to have the timeline to identify the deliverables and time taken to complete.

    1. Identify waste

    In the current state map, with the team, discuss and identify areas where value is not being added and where waste is occurring. Identify where processes could be improved to eliminate waste and optimize the flow.

    1. Map out the future state

    Determine which improvements need to be prioritized. If required, use priority grids and dot vote to gather the input from all team members.

    1. Plan the implementation

    Plan and single out the steps and resources needed to achieve the future state. Use Creately’s project management capabilities to create Gannt charts, assign tasks and track progress.

    1. Review and revise

    Share the workspace with your team and stakeholders to review and confirm the accuracy of the maps. Invite collaborators to work on the map with a quick edit link. All changes can be tracked in real-time.

    1. Continuously improve

    Regularly review and revise the map as processes and requirements change.

    Visualize Process to Increase Efficiency with These Editable Value Stream Map Templates

    Funnel Shapes Value Stream Model

    Funnel Shapes Value Stream Model

    Value Stream Map Template

    Value Stream Map Template

    Supply Chain Management VSM Template

    Supply Chain Management VSM Template

    Value Stream Map for Software

    Value Stream Map for Software

    FAQs About the Value Stream Mapping Software in Creately

    What are the types of value stream maps?

    There are mainly two types of value stream maps:

    1. A current state map shows what the actual process of an operation looks like from start to finish, as it is today. This type of map is useful for identifying weaknesses and points of waste in a system.

    2. A future state map, on the other hand, maps out an improved version of the current state. It shows what the operation should look like in 6-12 months' time, after improvements have been implemented.

    In some cases, organizations may also use a third type of value stream map called the ideal state map. This map illustrates the perfect process if there were no barriers or challenges.

    Why do you need a value stream map?

    Value stream maps are commonly used in lean and Six Sigma methodologies to identify inefficiencies and plan for improvements. These maps can help organizations streamline their processes and operations, making them more efficient and effective. It is a valuable step towards the sustainability of a business. A few key benefits of value stream mapping include the following;

    • Identifying the root cause of waste
    • Reducing or eliminating waste, thereby improving the bottom line
    • It is easier to align the workforce to one vision
    • Improves communication, collaboration, and behavior of the employees
    How can I find the symbols and components needed to draw a value stream map in the Creately workspace?

    Go to the plus sign at the canvas’s bottom left-hand corner. Click to expand and navigate to the shapes panel. Click on ‘all shapes’ to open the browse shapes panel. You can search for the value stream map in the search box or scroll down to locate it. Select what you need, and it will be added to the shapes panel for quick access.

    You can also search for the value stream map in the ‘search items’ and select from the results.

    Is Creately a free value stream mapping software?
    Creately has several user plans. You can start with the basic plan, which will cost you absolutely nothing! The basic plan provides access to 3 canvases with up to 60 items, one folder, limited storage, and basic integrations. Check out our amazing plans and start your journey with Creately today.
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    Why is Creately a Better Value Stream Mapping Software
    Creately is the intelligent visual platform enabling visual collaboration, knowledge management and project execution.
    Why is Creately a Better Value Stream Mapping Software
    Infinite Visual Canvas
    Real-Time Collaboration
    Custom Databases
    Data Driven Docs
    Professional Diagramming
    Project & Task Management
    Enterprise Grade Security
    Powerful Visual Modelling
    Software Advice
    Trust Radius
    Work Visually with Anyone for a Fixed Monthly Price
    For Individuals
    • Unlimited Canvases
    • Unlimited items per Canvas
    • 20 Active Folders
    • 5GB storage
    • 30 day version history
    • Unlimited Imports
    • All export formats
    • Basic collaboration
    • Email Support
    /month per user
    For Growing Teams Everything in Personal Plus
    • 5000 items per canvas
    • 50 active folders
    • 30 day version history
    • Advanced collaboration
    • 100 Imports
    • Multiple named users
    FreeFor Anyone to Get Started
    • 3 Canvases (60 items max)
    • 1 Folder
    • Limited storage
    • Basic integrations
    • Raster image only exports
    All features, unlimited users
    Everything in Business plus:
    • Unlimited items per DB
    • Unlimited 2-way data sync from integrations
    • All integrations
    • Sharing controls
    • Multiple Account Admins
    • Multiple Sub-Teams
    • Single Sign On
    • Customer success + account management
    • SOC2 & ISO27001 Security
    • Custom Data Residency

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