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Better Understand Your Data

Convert complex spreadsheets into stunning visuals, instantly pinpoint price equilibrium and develop better pricing strategies.

  • Use smart shapes to plot your data, use professional themes to represent the supply and demand curve
  • Infinite canvas to fit multiple graphs to represent the effect of various price changes on demand and supply simultaneously
  • Add relevant information including links to other documents and reports to provide more context

Interact and Make Decisions Together

Discuss data, get inputs and collaborate in real-time with the best visual workspace for remote teams

  • In-built video conferencing and live mouse tracking for seamless communication
  • Add recommendations, share feedback and discuss changes with quick in-line comments
  • Share files with Edit or Review enabled links or export them in multiple image formats for printing, sharing, and publishing

Works with the tools you love

Thoughtfully designed integrations with the platforms you use every day

Works with the tools you love

Browse 1000s of Free, High-Quality Templates

professionally drawn templates for almost all imaginable scenarios

Supply and Demand Graph Template

Supply and Demand Graph

Confrontation Matrix

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