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Intuitive organogram maker to create organograms online. Visualize organizational hierarchies, clarify responsibilities, & manage employee information effectively.

  • Easy to use visual canvas to create organograms
  • Flexible data fields for people and processes
  • Real-time collaboration and secure sharing
Organogram Maker

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Draw Organogram Structures in Minutes

Draw Organogram Structures in Minutes

Draw Organogram Structures in Minutes
  • Intuitive drag and drop tools and Plus Create for friction-free drawing.

  • Multiple templates for hierarchical, matrix, team-based & divisional organograms.

  • Bring your own data from any source and easily generate organograms on the canvas.

  • Unique color themes and styles, and image import options for quick customization.


Connect All Teams Across the Board

Connect All Teams Across the Board
  • Work with your team on a shared canvas with real-time cursors for all participants.

  • Tag team members to discuss changes & share feedback using @mention comments.

  • Manage, share, edit, and review organograms with multiple access levels & roles.

  • Export organograms in multiple formats for sharing and publishing.

Connect All Teams Across the Board
Create Better Teams

Create Better Teams

Create Better Teams
  • Import and export data across teams on different platforms with integrations.

  • Capture pertinent information on employees in a single space with integrated notes.

  • Two-way sync with your spreadsheets or HRM systems to keep organograms up to date.


Adapts to Your Ways of Working

Adapts to Your Ways of Working
  • Link organograms to other workspaces to better allocate work within teams.

  • Embed your organogram in any site or intranet or manage access to them with plugins.

  • Keep track of changes done to your organogram with full version history.

Adapts to Your Ways of Working
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Accessing Creately VIZ
    What is an Organogram?

    What is an Organogram?

    An organogram represents the hierarchies and reporting structures of an organization graphically. They serve a variety of functions such as a management tool, for planning purposes, or as a personnel directory. Organizations use organograms to visualize reporting relationships and communicate information about employees, such as their names, skills, and contact information.

    How Can Organograms Help Improve Team Collaboration?

    Teams can use organograms to improve team collaboration in many different ways.

    1. Clarifying roles and responsibilities: Organograms are a great way to understand team roles and responsibilities, which can in turn help reduce confusion and duplication of work, hence improving their efficiency.

    2. Identifying communication channels: Teams, especially new employees, can refer to the organogram to determine the appropriate person to contact and the best way to reach them. This helps establish proper reporting relationships among employees.

    3. Building cross-functional teams: Teams can refer to organograms to identify team members from other departments of the organization who can contribute to their project or initiative easily.

    4. Identifying decision-makers: Organograms help identify who the decision makers are in the organization, allowing teams to involve the right people in the decision making processes.

    5. Planning for career development: They help team members understand the different roles and responsibilities of the team members within the organization, which can enable them to identify where they can grow and develop. By collaborating with colleagues in different departments, team members can gain exposure to different areas of the organization and build their skillset, which can help them advance their careers.

    How to Create an Organogram with Your Team in Creately?

    1. Create your Creately workspace and add team members who you want to collaborate with as editors. Creately allows multiple users to work simultaneously on a shared canvas and get real-time updates with synced previews.

    2. Together with the participants, define the scope of your organogram by determining its overall purpose; whether it is to share with external stakeholders or internal staff members.

    3. Gather the necessary information that needs to be included in the organogram; employee names, roles, responsibilities, and other key details. Everyone can contribute in quickly gathering information with sticky notes on the canvas.

    4. Enable Creately’s organogram shape library to visualize the structure. Alternatively, you can also select a template from the library of pre-made organogram templates available in the app.

    5. Based on the organogram type you are visualizing, add the employee names and details in a way that highlights the hierarchical relationship between them.

    6. Click on the shapes representing the employees to add their images to the organogram and customize it as necessary.

    7. Using the preset color palettes, you can further customize the organogram to match your organizational branding guidelines as well.

    8. Add additional data to shapes to create context-rich organograms. Use the shape data panel to list down additional employee information so you can refer to them at a glance.

    9. Share the organogram with team members and ask for their feedback. This can be done through comments in Creately.

    10. Use version control to keep track of changes made to the organogram. This allows team members to see the evolution of the chart and roll back to previous versions if needed.

    Instantly Create Organograms Online with These Ready-Made Templates









    FAQ about the Creately Organogram Maker

    How do I access organogram shapes in Creately?
    Creately’s organogram maker comes with a comprehensive shape library to create any custom organogram. If the organogram shape library isn’t already opened when your Creately workspace loads, simply search for ‘organizational chart’ on the shape library search bar.
    How can I share my organogram online?
    Creately’s organogram maker allows you to easily share your organogram online with a workspace share link with edit or view access depending on who you share it with. Additionally, you can use an embed code to embed the organogram on any site or intranet, or use Creately’s plugin for Google Workspace apps, Slack, MS Teams, Confluence, etc. to share your organogram online.
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    Why is Creately a Better Organogram Maker?
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