Fishbone Diagram Maker

Find Effective Solutions Faster

Collaborate and brainstorm visually to identify the possible causes of a problem to generate effective solutions using fishbone diagrams. Streamline troubleshooting issues and improve processes and overall organizational performance.

  • Customizable fishbone diagram templates
  • Real-time collaboration for group brainstorming
  • Link to documents, spreadsheets, & reports for further analysis
Fishbone Diagram Maker
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Quickly Understand Causes and Effects of a Problem

Quickly Understand Causes and Effects of a Problem

Quickly Understand Causes and Effects of a Problem

Multiple fishbone diagram templates covering different industries and scenarios to get started quickly.

Automatic drawing with Plus Create to effortlessly add and connect various causes and effects.

Powerful styling options and text formatting capabilities to highlight important points and zoom in on the issues.


Centralize All Information

Centralize All Information

Link to spreadsheets, documents, images, and reports to simplify the analysis.

Open documents and spreadsheets within the app for easier viewing and greater productivity.

Infinite canvas to discuss, evaluate and prioritize ideas and solutions from one central point.

Powerful integrations to connect with your existing tools and workflows.

Centralize All Information
Find Solutions Collaboratively

Find Solutions Collaboratively

Find Solutions Collaboratively

Built-in video conferencing to make you feel like you’re in the same room.

Real-time cursors for all participants making it easier to identify who is making the changes.

Add comments, make notes and mention people to make following up easier.

What is a Fishbone Diagram?

The fishbone diagram is a diagram that shows the possible causes of a specific event or a problem. They were first introduced by Kaoru Ishikawa in 1968 which is why they are sometimes referred to as Ishikawa diagrams. They are widely used in quality management to identify root causes of problems.

How to Make a Fishbone Diagram in Creately?

  • Open Creately and select a fishbone diagram template. If you are collaborating with others, invite them to the workspace to give them quick access.
  • Identify the problem area that needs to be analyzed and write it down at the head of the diagram.
  • Identify the main causes of the problem. These are labels for the main branches of the fishbone diagram. These main categories can include methods, material, machinery, people, policies, procedures, etc.
  • Using Creately’s configurable color themes, you can quickly differentiate between causes and effects for easier analysis.
  • Identify plausible sub-causes of the main causes and attach them as sub-branches to the main branches.
  • Referring to the diagram you have created, do a deeper investigation of the major and minor causes.
  • Once you have identified the root cause, create an action plan outlining your strategy to overcome the problem.