Compare and Contrast Chart Maker

Easily Compare Concepts and Ideas

Discuss similarities and differences between ideas and topics together with students or teams using the compare and contrast methodology.

  • Intuitive drag and drop interface to move shapes and data sets across the infinite canvas
  • Freehand drawing to easily mark anything on the canvas
  • Real-time mouse cursors to help everyone work together
Compare and Contrast Chart Maker
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Create Discussion Topics

Create Discussion Topics

Create Discussion Topics

A simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to bring your own ideas.

Whiteboarding capability on the canvas enables to dot down ideas.

Infinite canvas, scale up to 1000’s of items in a single view.

The ability to configure color themes for shapes and frameworks allows sorting ideas based on similarities and differences.


Discuss the Thoughts Behind the Ideas

Discuss the Thoughts Behind the Ideas

True multi-user collaboration with concurrent editing and automatic conflict resolution that allows better brainstorming.

Discuss ideas or comment on an idea using the comment thread for quick feedback.

In-app video and audio calls allow teachers and students to feel like they are working in the same classroom.

Discuss the Thoughts Behind the Ideas
Sort Ideas to Compare And Contrast

Sort Ideas to Compare And Contrast

Sort Ideas to Compare And Contrast

Create lesson plans, build presentations, or use frames from different graphic organizers inside the infinite canvas.

Use Creately’s powerful documentation capabilities to organize brainstorming charts from previous sessions.

Full text search to instantly navigate to other ideas that are being discussed across workspaces.

What Is a Compare and Contrast Chart?

Students can use this graphic organizer to explain how things or ideas differ and how they are similar. Students can make lists of these ideas, or team members could discuss their thoughts with a partner or group.

How to Create a Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer?

  • Choose a template to conduct your compare and contrast research. You can start from scratch selecting the shapes from the shapes library.
  • When to Use Charts - Comparing and contrasting works in a variety of contexts. Charts that compare and contrast two ideas can also be used in essays that discuss similarities and differences between the ideas.
  • Choosing Chart Format - Venn diagrams are simple graphic organizers involving two circles, there are several other compare and contrast graphic organizers that you can find from Creately’s templates. A simple one with two small boxes at the top side by side. List the two ideas you are comparing and contrasting in the boxes.
  • Identifying Similarities - Compare and contrast charts contain sections for the similarities or shared traits between the two ideas. Use a Venn diagram or any Creately’s graphic organizer to write similarities and differences. In the column-style diagram, you can type the details by dragging a rectangle shape on the canvas.
  • Recording Differences - Most of our graphic organizers provide individual sections for each idea to record differences. In the non-shared sections of a Venn diagram, list the differences for each item. The differences are written in the boxes that branch off from below the similarities box in the column-style chart.
  • Share your workspace with your team, invite collaborators to a real-time call, or share a link with others to view/edit/review the compare-contrast chart.