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Deliver effective remote learning

Facilitate synchronous and asynchronous learning and collaboration to support student needs within an online learning environment.

  • Collaborate with students in real-time on bubble mapping activities using a shared online canvas and in-app video conferencing
  • Create a central repository for resources, learning material and assignments to simplify student experience
  • Track the progress of student assignments and homework in real-time and provide immediate feedback

Improve student comprehension and engagement

Gain better insight into the relationships and connections between concepts and ideas to improve learning.

  • Effectively visualize information to increase understanding with bubble maps, mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts, graphic organizers and more
  • Facilitate brainstorming, analyzing, and discussions around new lessons and concepts on an infinite visual workspace with custom-built templates and powerful diagramming capabilities
  • Share your bubble maps, embed them in wikis, and add them to presentations with multiple image export options and secure embed link

Works with the tools you love

Thoughtfully designed integrations with the platforms you use every day

Works with the tools you love

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