Azure Architecture Diagram Tool

Visually Collaborate on Azure Cloud Infrastructure

Intuitive Azure architecture diagram tool to easily document your cloud architecture. Design and optimize better Azure infrastructure solutions.

  • Azure icons & shapes to visualize cloud architecture
  • Pre-made Azure diagram templates to quickly get started
  • Shape data & notes to store the implementation details
Azure Architecture Diagram Tool
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How to make an Azure Architecture Diagram?


Map out Your Cloud Environment

Map out Your Cloud Environment
  • Azure architecture diagram templates for real-world cloud architecture scenarios.

  • Standard Azure, Kubernetes, AWS & Google Cloud diagrams shape libraries.

  • Design network topologies, web apps, Azure solutions, etc. with intuitive visual tools.

  • Quickly browse for and add more symbols with built-in Google image search.

Map out Your Cloud Environment
Better Understand Your Azure Infrastructure

Better Understand Your Azure Infrastructure

Better Understand Your Azure Infrastructure
  • Centralize cloud infrastructure information with powerful documentation capabilities.

  • Organize cloud infrastructure designs to create interactive presentations with frames.

  • Capture implementation details & add tags and metadata with integrated notes.

  • Embed your Azure cloud architecture diagrams on any site, app, or intranet.


Collaborate Seamlessly with Stakeholders

Collaborate Seamlessly with Stakeholders
  • Discuss changes to the Azure architecture designs with contextual comments.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders on designing cloud architectures on a shared canvas.

  • Track changes to your Azure architecture designs with full version history.

  • Streamline sharing your cloud architecture with multiple access roles and levels.

Collaborate Seamlessly with Stakeholders
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Visualize process and user insights with AI templates
Accessing Creately VIZ
    What is an Azure Architecture Diagram?

    What is an Azure Architecture Diagram?

    An Azure architecture diagram is a visual representation of the deployment and hosting of any application on Azure cloud services. Using Azure architecture diagrams you can easily document and explain complex cloud infrastructures, and highlight the changes you want to make to them. Additionally, visualizing your Microsoft Azure architecture thus helps you with identifying places that might need greater capacity as well as potential bottlenecks or even security breaches. Azure architecture diagrams are used by a variety of professionals including IT professionals and administrators, developers, solutions architects, DevOps teams, and enterprise architects.

    How to Create an Azure Architecture Diagram Collaboratively?

    1. Open a Creately workspace and share it with others in your team to collaborate with them. You can use real-time mouse cursors and synced previews to easily track the changes other participants make in the workspace.

    2. Have each team member gather information about the different components and services that will be included in the Azure-based solution. This can include details about IP addresses, DNS settings, and security configurations.

    3. Create an Azure diagram in Creately using an existing template or build it from scratch using the wide array of Azure icons in the shapes library. You can search for the Azure templates via the search on the Templates tab.

    4. Make a base for your Microsoft Azure architecture diagram. It can be helpful to draw a rectangle or boundary that describes what is happening within your instance. You can change the style of these rectangles by clicking on the rectangle and then clicking the square icon that appears to open the edit shape properties menu. It is also possible to change the style and placement of the text.

    5. Create the Azure architecture by dragging and dropping the shapes. Drag and drop the corresponding Azure shapes into your diagram, depending on the tool (laptop, monitor with a mouse, tab, etc) you’re using.

    6. Draw arrows to illustrate how information flows. Use dynamic connectors to connect the networking devices.

    7. Once the diagram is complete share the Azure diagram with team members and ask for their feedback. You can use comments to carry out discussions and tag teammates to get clarifications. 

    8. Use version control to keep track of changes made to the Azure diagram. This allows team members to see the evolution of the diagram and roll back to previous versions if needed.

    9. Save your Azure architecture in Creately and use the share feature. You can also add the Azure diagram directly onto Google/Microsoft documents, spreadsheets, and presentations or download it in different formats such as SVG, PNG, JPEG, and PDF.

    Visualize Your Cloud Infrastructure with Editable Azure Architecture Diagram Templates

    Azure Architecture

    Azure Architecture

    Azure Architecture

    Azure Architecture

    Azure Achitecture - Basic Web App

    Azure Achitecture - Basic Web App

    Azure Synapse SQL Serverless Architecture

    Azure Synapse SQL Serverless Architecture

    FAQ about the Azure Architecture Diagram Tool

    Why should you use an Azure architecture diagram tool?
    Using an online Azure architecture diagram tool like Creately simplifies the process of creating and updating cloud architecture diagrams and sharing them with relevant stakeholders. This helps with troubleshooting network issues, onboarding new employees, providing documentation needed for audits, and streamlining security compliance review processes.
    How to use Creately’s Azure architecture diagram tool?
    Open Creately and create a workspace. You can either select an Azure architecture diagram template from the templates library in the app or from the community or create one from scratch with the standard Azure infrastructure icons in the app. In order to collaborate with others, add them as editors to the workspace and send them the workspace link.
    What is Microsoft Azure?
    Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that is built on a collection of servers and networking hardware that in turn, hosts a complex set of applications that manage and configure the software and virtualized hardware on these servers. Azure is so powerful because of its complex orchestration. It ensures that users do not have to spend their time maintaining and upgrading computer hardware as Azure takes care of it all behind the scenes.
    When to use Azure architecture diagrams?

    Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing solution used by small businesses as well as enterprises. While there are specialized individuals involved in setting up the cloud services, at times they can lack the knowledge needed to understand the technical infrastructure and framework. This is where Azure architecture diagrams can help. They can be used when you want,

    • To easily explain the infrastructure of the solution, be it an application or database, that Azure is used for. 

    • To better understand the flow of information of the Azure infrastructure

    • To get teams across different departments on the same page by explaining the infrastructure through an easy-to-understand visual representation. 

    • To troubleshoot problems, security measures and upgrade security

    • To make changes to and improve the current cloud infrastructure

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