Affinity Diagram Tool

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Intuitive affinity diagram maker to easily organize and group large amounts of information to streamline analysis and support robust decision-making.

  • Multiple affinity diagram templates to get a head start
  • Built-in brainstorming tools to capture & organize ideas
  • Real-time collaboration to work seamlessly with peers
Affinity Diagram Tool
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How to make an Affinity Diagram?


Identify Hidden Patterns

Identify Hidden Patterns
  • Better organize ideas with affinity maps, mind maps, post-it note walls & more.

  • Rank ideas for optimal effort & impact with visual voting and prioritization grids.

  • Facilitate collaborative brainstorming with true multi user collaboration.

  • Bring data from any source to visualize them on the canvas for easier analysis.

Identify Hidden Patterns
See the Big Picture at a Glance

See the Big Picture at a Glance

See the Big Picture at a Glance
  • Use color themes and conditional formatting to spot patterns.

  • Capture details & the big picture in a single space with integrated notes.

  • Track changes your team makes on the affinity map with full version history.

  • Centralize information by importing & attaching them to the affinity map.


Solve Problems Together

Solve Problems Together
  • Affinity diagram templates to generate, organize, & consolidate information.

  • Sketch and storyboard your ideas further with freehand drawing.

  • Connect with your team and brainstorm together on a shared canvas.

  • Use @mention comments to tag people to get things done or clarify things.

Solve Problems Together
Turn Ideas into Action

Turn Ideas into Action

Turn Ideas into Action
  • Visually arrange your plans & create a view for your working style with Kanban boards.

  • Keep your team work flowing with built-in project management tools & integrations.

  • Assign roles, set due dates, add estimates to each item on your affinity diagram.

  • Conduct full-screen presentations to share ideas with the view mode.

What is an Affinity Diagram?

What is an Affinity Diagram?

An affinity diagram is a tool that is used to organize data gathered from a brainstorming session, research, meeting, etc. under meaningful categories that are based on common relationships or themes. Affinity diagrams are a useful tool for organizing large amounts of information and often used in brainstorming and problem-solving sessions. They can also encourage collaboration and idea sharing among team members.

How to Collaborate on Affinity Diagrams with Your Team?

  1. Open a Creately workspace and add collaborators

Open a Creately workspace and invite your peers to the workspace with an edit link to collaboratively brainstorm ideas. Before starting the process, make sure everyone on the team understands the problem or topic being discussed. You can use real-time mouse cursors and synced previews to easily track the changes other participants make in the workspace.

  1. Gather ideas and information

Hold a brainstorming session to generate a large number of ideas related to the problem or topic. This can include notes, observations, and feedback. You can use sticky notes to collect ideas from participants before grouping them on the affinity map.

  1. Sort ideas and add them to affinity diagram

Sort the ideas into groups based on their natural relationships. Encourage team members to work together and share their thoughts on how to group the ideas. You can also use a pre-made affinity diagram template to start quickly.

  1. Add headers

Based on the similarities you identified earlier, come up with header names for each group.

  1. Customize the diagram

Once you have grouped the cards and given them headers, it’s time to make it look more presentable. Write the problem statement at the top of the diagram and add different colors to differentiate between categories.

  1. Review the ideas

Review the groups together as a team and ensure that the ideas are accurately represented and that all ideas have been grouped. Identify the key themes or patterns that emerge from the groups. These key themes can be used to inform decision-making and problem-solving.

  1. Share the affinity diagram with other

Once the affinity diagram is completed, share the results with the team and with any relevant stakeholders. If you wish to share it with others outside your team, send them a view or edit link, or you can export them as SVGs or in several image formats and add them to company wikis, websites, presentations, or documents.

Create Your Affinity Diagram Online with Editable Templates

Affinity Diagram Template for a Meeting

Affinity Diagram Template for a Meeting

Affinity Diagram Template for a Meeting

Affinity Diagram Template for a Meeting

Affinity Diagram for Total Quality Management

Affinity Diagram for Total Quality Management

Affinity Diagram Example for User Research

Affinity Diagram Example for User Research

FAQs about the Affinity Diagram Tool in Creately

What is an affinity diagram tool?
An affinity diagram maker is a tool that allows users to create and edit affinity diagrams online. Using an online affinity diagram tool like Creately, users can collaborate in real-time on brainstorming and grouping ideas in a shared workspace.
Why do you need an affinity diagram tool?
Using an online affinity diagram maker makes it easy for you to create the diagrams, quickly add and store them, and share the maps across any platform or with anyone without a hassle. You can also attach and add additional details in the form of screenshots, link resources, notes, images, multimedia content and more using an online affinity diagram tool.
How to use Creately’s affinity diagram tool?
Creately’s affinity diagram tool is intuitive and easy-to use. You can either start directly using a premade template or create a diagram from scratch by opening the app and dragging and dropping relevant shapes onto the canvas. You can use smart sticky cards to write down ideas and a table/ swimlane shape to group the ideas. You can later drag and drop the sticky cards with prioritized ideas onto a Kanban board frame and automatically convert it into a task card to assign roles, due dates and estimates.
Does the Creately affinity diagram tool integrate with other platforms?
Creately’s affinity diagram maker integrates with Google Suite apps, Slack, Confluence, Microsoft Teams, and more apps that you work with everyday. You can use these plugins to create diagrams, organize them, and share them across different teams.
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Why is Creately a Better Affinity Diagram Tool
Creately is the intelligent visual platform enabling visual collaboration, knowledge management and project execution.
Why is Creately a Better Affinity Diagram Tool
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