Draw Sitemaps Online and Easily Visualize Your Website Structure

Tools and Resources to Easily Create Sitemap Diagrams online

A site map (or sitemap) is used as a planning tool in web design to visualize the structure of a website. Creately allows you to create visual sitemaps simply by dragging, dropping and connecting elements.

Our theme based color palette will help you create stunning sitemaps like a pro and our object linking feature will enable you to link to the actual pages from the sitemap and make navigation super easy.

Our professionally designed sitemap templates help you get started fast and the resource articles cover how to make the best use of sitemaps and simplify your web design process.

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site-map Templates

Sitemaps Explained

Sitemaps are used to plan a web site's purpose, navigation and its overall organization.

They are also used to experiment a site's new structure or re-organize existing structures. You can add, delete or re-arrange the page icons within the sitemap to picture a site's structure.

Sitemap Shapes Explained

Visit the Sitemap Shapes page to see what these shapes represent and check out some usage examples.

A list of all the conceptual sitemap and website map shapes available in Creately's library is discussed here.

Examples and Using site-maps in the real world

Working on a Sitemap & Wireframe in tandem

When it comes to working on a website design project, the usual MO for most is to draw up a sitemap before proceeding towards the design of a wireframe. This would be a logical and the most natural way to proceed, however, there is no reason why you cannot do both in tandem.

Using Sitemaps with Exceptional Success

Scouring through cyberspace, Google has managed to cough up a gazillion articles on wireframes and mockups but not much on sitemaps. We thought it was time to give you a taste of what the humble but potent sitemap was capable of.

Articles, Tutorials & Blog posts on site-maps

Visualize your website before you build it

In layman’s terms website map is a tool for planning and designing web sites. Visualizing your website using a sitemap (also known as site architecture map) is a decisive step because it helps in...