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Powerful diagramming

Powerful diagramming

Powerful diagramming

At its core, Creately is a power-packed diagramming tool that allows you to visualize your processes, ideas, systems, and strategies with

  • Over 50 types of technical, educational and business diagrams
  • 1000s of thoughtfully-designed templates to find quick inspiration
  • Infinite, intuitive canvas for freely exploring your ideas, designs and systems
  • Preset color themes, styling options and font types for professional-looking diagrams

Seamless collaboration

Seamless collaboration

Creately is faster, realistic and interactive and is designed to bring dispersed teams together and facilitate real-time collaboration.

  • Ultra-fast preview syncing and live mouse tracking to keep track of teamwork
  • In-built video conferencing to enhance team communication and collaboration
  • In-line comments and discussion threads for sharing feedback, leaving notes, and listing to-dos
  • Share your work across multiple platforms like Google Docs, Google Drive, Slack, and Confluence with powerful integrations
Seamless collaboration